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Off-Topic / Re: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
« on: 2013-11-23, 21:31:13 »
Season 4 is finally here! Yay!

Check your CPU temperature.

Off-Topic / Re: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
« on: 2013-09-26, 16:34:42 »
@listy:it looks perfect :D

if you did it by yourself  how did you made that? What software did u use?
This is photo from teh Internets.
But for 10 seconds i just stare on it, trying to realize is it render or what? O_o

Off-Topic / Re: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
« on: 2013-09-26, 15:22:53 »

[Max] General Discussion / Re: VRay 3.0 sneak peak
« on: 2013-07-03, 11:15:06 »
They are a well-managed company, they do.
They probably read this thread.
Hi Chaos Group!!

Gallery / Re: Meeting Room Scene
« on: 2013-06-23, 05:47:26 »
Apparently Corona has lots of more noise than scanline in the same time. :(
Also who wants that silly CaUSticS?!

Gallery / Re: Thrown junk robot
« on: 2013-06-15, 11:11:44 »
It's unfinished, and slower. That's all i can say. Progressive rendering will get you same result, but faster, and you see entire image from the start, not just few buckets. And you you want to limit your area of interest, you can use render region feature.
Ok, thank you for advice! I will use progressive next time. But i can't find how to set region rendering in Corona VFB.

Gallery / Re: Thrown junk robot
« on: 2013-06-15, 09:49:47 »
You shouldn't use bucket rendering. It's slower. We just forgot to remove it ;)
Why is it slower? I used it because it's easy to see the final result (no need to wait whole scene to be clean), and i just set up scene to 2 passes and autosave. I love bucket rendering :3

Gallery / Thrown junk robot
« on: 2013-06-15, 08:48:30 »
Hi all!

This is my test render using Corona alpha v5.

I am amazed with the rendering speed. Even on old dual core machine, plus i had another rendering process at the same time, so the 5.5 hours could be cut down by half.
I spent one hour to convert all the materials from MentalRay and setting up the scene. Last time with Alpha v4 i had many crashes, especially with the Corona AO mtl.

This is HDRI lit, with one corona light. Real DOF. PT+HD Cache. Bucket rendering 6 AA subdivs, 2 passes.

Bad English.

Made 2 test renders.
First with Mental Ray 6 m. 46 s. (FG: Draft, 7 bounces, Shadows from IBL, Unified sampling q:0.4, min:1;max96). Nice corners "contact shadows" from A&D "Exact color AO".
Second with Corona 7 m 41 s., (settings from test.max).
PC i7 2600K, not overclocked, 16GB, Max 2014

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona Alpha4 Benchmark scene
« on: 2013-03-18, 18:12:23 »
Corona Renderer Alpha 4 benchmark scene
 Living room 100 passes
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10GHz
Time: 0:9:15, Rays/s: 2,286,352

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2012-10-28, 19:23:03 »
I think, Normal Bumpmapping is really important to implement.

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