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Hi DeadClown,

Regarding to Fstorm converter the super basics would be a big help.
Even if you don't convert values from Fstorm, just convert fsorm bitmap to max or corona bitmaps and reconnect the nodetree with corona nodes would save a lot of time.

Other topic.
I wrote a mass converter in maxscript, works fine, calling your conversion script. My only problem is that I don't have and want Vray installed under my working max.(I have an older 2018max only for converting assets).
Many times fragments of missing vray .ddl files remaining in the scene. I can use max scene converter, and some other script to remove them, but it would be a useful addition to your script to remove missing plugins.
I would do it myself but I'm still a beginner in coding.
What do you think about this?

As always, your efforts are really appreciated.


Thanks for your answer.

The IOR slot is perfectly fine. What I don't know how can I turn off the IOR number(like 99999 in Max) and control it fully with an 1/IOR map.
I tried different settings, but it not works like it should(Max/Corona or Vray).

Okay, before I posted this, I tried it again and it seems I figured it out.
I have to set the IOR 999 at the maximum to turn it off, and the 1/IOR map needs to be inverted.

Can you confirm that this is the right way?
Anyway why do I have to invert the 1/IOR map? It should be consistent in every application.


Ps.: To be honest I'm not a C4D user, just tried to help to a friend.

I love fisheye projection implementation, but could you unlock FOV spinner in photographic parameters rollout, so we can adjust viewport representation more conveniently?

  • Environment direct visibility, reflections and refractions overrides were moved to the new advanced setup mode

But why??? Now, it's horribly inconvenient :[

+1 - very inconvenient

+1 - very inconvenient


I would like to know how can I turn off and map the IOR in Cinema 4D/Corona, like in 3ds Max/Corona or Vray.
I want to connect a bitmap or any value with the 1/IOR method.

Thanks in advance.

Support for OSL maps and shaders. This way it would be possible to easily replace most of Max's standard maps and use OSL instead, both in Max scenes and in Standalone.
Lot of resources could be saved, you don't have to support and rewrite Max internal maps for Standalone, and it would work with any other DCC which supports OSL. Like Houdini. :D

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds version 3
« on: 2018-10-29, 17:52:15 »
It's really great that CoronaColorPicker can remember the "states" in the upper right corner, yet it's behavior is incorrect since "Value" always show sRGB numbers even when you selected to show linear. - check attachment

Please fix it before the final 3.0 release if you can.

I've been pushing for linear display value for "Value" since Corona Color Picker got introduced. Every time I talk to the Corona team, it seems that this request gets confused with something else, and I honestly don't understand what they confuse it for. I see the RC is almost ready and it results in me clenching to my pillow at night, crying inside.

Every studio/person out there that deal with real world reflectance values, knows that we need linear display for "Value".

This long time "bug" / feature request has now turned into a meme

This is the best way I can describe the current problem.

If you have to deal with real world paint values and scanned values, please let your voice be heard so we can get this quality of life feature implemented.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds version 3
« on: 2018-10-29, 15:14:40 »

This is how the installer looks like when I use windows scale layout set to 125% at display settings.

Well not exactly for the menu, but these are the functions that would help to improve IR a lot.

- set focus
- select objects, materials
- assign materials with drag and drop
- rotate/pan viewport
- read/see Lux values

Both in the floating and in the extended viewport IR.

sorry if I wrote them in the wrong place


Corona renders wrong thumbnails for falloff-map, connected into a CoronaMix in material editor (slate/legacy-sht). I don't care about legacy mtl editor, but the thumbnail is wrong, when it's connected
into a CoronaMix(right), and okay when the falloff-map is connected to nothing.

edit: Tested under 2016/2018

Thanks. :)

Please consider Houdini. At least, put it on the voting list. It won't hurt.

The only thing what stops us, to start moving away from Max, is Corona.
Hmm, maybe it's better to say, Corona is the only thing what keeps us using Max. :)
And I'm not agreed, that Houdini is only for VFX, like Max is not only good for ArchViz.

Thanks DeadClown!

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: Curvature Map
« on: 2016-09-28, 14:34:53 »

I second that. It's reeeally annoying to open a bitmap in ps with 5+ clicks and search, instead of 2.

Please correct this in 1.3

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