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I don´t get the standalone application to work on my Win 8.1 64bit system. First I had problems because of missing 'msvcp120.dll' on my computer. I solved that by installing the 'vcredist_x64.exe' included in the dropbox archiv of version 2013-12-12 of the standalone versions!Standalone

But now there´s a problem with export.scn, that cannot be read, although it´s in the sample folder inside the folder with Corona.exe

See the command line message:

ERROR: Cannot open/read/write file 'export.scn'
Corona Renderer Alpha - Standalone
(c) Ondra Karlik, 2009-2014

What I´ve done wrong? Thank for thinking about a solution!

Chris :)

From which programm you export your scene?

Off-Topic / Re: Your OTHER renderer?
« on: 2014-01-14, 15:30:13 »
Blender Cycles mainly...
It is a great general rendering engine... but indoor scenes arent so fast...
Have addittionaly 2 Octane licences, but i didnt used them for 2 Years now....
Also have used yafaray, indigo, vray and Nox....
But only corona does close the indoor gap for me....

Here it is!
All textures are in...

Hi i compared the build from 2014-01-14 with the build from 2013-12-12 and there are differencies...
I dont know whether it is a bug. It is exactly the same scene with exact the same texture. I used a floor material with a normal map.

Exr's, which worked fine for the December standalone Build, crashes with the newest corona now..

Ok i read something about the roll value for the camera; so it is a exporter thing i guess....

Thank you for your answer, master ;)
I dont know whether it is a exporter problem, but when i want to render with camera rotation(b) only a will be rendered...
on my list the skysystem is on top...

Hi my name is Hakan and i'm from Germany...
I'm using Blender now for more than 8 Years....
I use Cycles and Octane for my outdoor scenes, but indoor scenes are a pain to render with them, alltough i have 2 GTX780ti's on my machine...
Randomly i stumbled over corona and used Joel's blender addon for the corona standalone and i was blown away by the the speed and quality of this renderer...
So my question is, will the standalone renderer get some basic* features or will it be used for demonstrations only...?

If it will stay for a demonstrating purposes then it is ok, i would go the vray way.....
I asked similar questions on other threads, i think here is the best place for this...

Best regards!

*lacking Basic features:
-Corona sky-system

-horizontal rotated camera
-controllable Bokeh shape
-blend material
-control strength of maps and enviroments...

Gallery / Re: Tungee's tests
« on: 2014-01-05, 16:54:34 »
Right rewalanche, in glossy parts progressive is better...

Gallery / Re: Tungee's tests
« on: 2014-01-05, 16:13:25 »
I rendered this yesterday for ca. 7min; i have the feeling that the Bucket one has smoother and uniformer grain... But i will retest the scene; idont know wheteher i used equal settings anymore ;)

Gallery / Re: Tungee's tests
« on: 2014-01-05, 15:56:01 »
Rawalanche, are you talking about the Standalone App or the Blender corona UI?
The UI of the Blender addon could get more organized; I would kick everything, what is not supported by Corona; i tested 2 Hours the Blender lights with no sucess until i recognized that they are not supported, bytheway he makes a nevertheless an excellent job!

Gallery / Re: Tungee's tests
« on: 2014-01-05, 15:16:48 »
Sure i got the feeling, that it was little bit faster....
Had to test it.....

Gallery / Re: Tungee's tests
« on: 2014-01-05, 14:23:01 »
I used the Bucket rendering mode......
But it was a pain in ass to know when the pass is over... Would be damn nice to see the buckets, where they are...

Gallery / Tungee's tests
« on: 2014-01-05, 14:03:36 »
These are my test with Ohsnapitsjoel's Blender addon->Corona Standalone:

Corona Standalone / Standalone requests
« on: 2014-01-04, 14:49:16 »
Hi Ondra,

i have some feature requests for the Corona standalone:

-bokeh shape
-value for the normal map strength
-is the intensity of the exr controllable?
-UV related features...

Best Regards !

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