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[Max] General Discussion / Re: Taking a break
« on: 2023-04-27, 18:22:27 »
aaaand it is my pleasure to announce that Tom Grimes will be the face of Corona for now, setting the direction and ready to help you! Congratulations!

[Max] General Discussion / Taking a break
« on: 2023-04-19, 13:53:58 »
I wanted to inform you that I will be taking an extended break to focus on parenting duties. I will be gone for at least a year, depending on how it goes. I will be starting on 1st of May. We are currently in the process of delegating my responsibilities to Marcin, Tom, Martin, and others.

Happy rendering!

Are tonemapping camera controls planned for the Improved lister 2.0? I ask this because they aren't implemented on the newest daily build (2023.01.31).
Yes! A button to open tone mapping editor, maybe also reset, copy, on/off

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Clouds playground!
« on: 2022-12-06, 19:25:03 »
We continue to love the clouds.  However we're working on an island project right now where it's typical to see distant clouds on the horizon (pink at sunset, etc) but NO clouds above you.  It's just a certain 'look' we're after.  Is that possible with the corona sky clouds?  I've modified the seed endlessly, and dropped the height limit to as low as I can but just can't quite seem to create a 'horizon bias.'

try doing cloudy + cloudless CoronaSky and blending them with some angle-based falloff map... maybe it will work reasonably...

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona 1.3 Benchmark
« on: 2022-11-13, 20:02:01 »
I know this has all been requested years ago but I'd really love to see an updated benchmark that has the following:

- ability to run multiple tests automatically and take an average (and best) result
- something that's at least taking 5 or 10 x longer than currently on an average machine, to allow proper time for any throttling to take real effect etc.
- something that uses multiple render elements with denoising (which stresses the CPU a lot more and helps judge temps)
- outputs the result to desktop automatically
We are working on new benchmark to be released during v10 cycle, that will have everything mentioned here, probably except for the denoising (unless we add it as a separate benchmark, but it is still tricky, as denoising is a finite workload. We want the benchmark to run for a fixed amount of time this time)

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Collaberation tool Corona
« on: 2022-11-11, 12:14:14 »
(yes, this was real vlado who couldnt log in on his main account, we fixed that ;))

Note that as usual, we are waiting with next version daily builds until we release a hotfix for version 9 (containing only 3 minor fixes).

Meanwhile we have a changelog with 29 changes so far for the first daily build, so stay tuned ;)

Great suggestion! Hopefully this won't take 2 years to implement

Solo comes with Cosmos, yes. You will have to contact our support to change the plan from Premium into Solo

Yes, the emails were sent in wrong order, we are putting the proper info on the website. You will be able to switch to to yearly pricing to more or less keep the current price

we are in the middle of a release and the emails were sent in wrong order. While the Premium subscription with Phoenix/Scans/Player is more expensive, there is also Solo with just Corona for €322.80/year. Legacy monthly users (who pay monthly without interruption and were able to keep the old prices) can switch to yearly payments, which is essentially the same for them (they are subscribed without interruption), just 1 yearly payment instead of 12 monthly. You should get the rest of the information about plans and your options today.

Hi Devs

Latest Daily - when i try and import an asset from Chaos Cosmos, it crashes max (max 2023.2)
on new downloaded assets its worked fine, but when i download the 'shutters' assets it crashes max
will be fixed in next RC

there is some hope since OSL does it, but we need to manage our expectations ;)

it is just not possible in the 3dsmax node editor API

And are you familiar with Autodesk products? :D

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