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[Max] Feature Requests / Ocean shader
« on: 2021-05-25, 17:27:45 »
Hi there all,

I was wondering if anyone else feels the need for a dedicated OPTIMIZED ocean shader which renders fast. All my works include a big sea/ocean and the render speeds drop to half when I use refraction. And the renders are incredibly slow (noise on ship's decks never cleans properly) so I kind of have to render twice, once with water then only the ship and composite these together. It's quite a nightmare.

Vray has the same issue, renders times are destroyed when turning refraction on .


[Max] Daily Builds / Displacement behaviour Phoenix map
« on: 2021-04-26, 21:37:03 »
Hi there,
I have a catastrophic problem, somehow the behavior of the Phoenix FD ocean map is completely different, the displacement height seems capped. In Vector mode or non vector mode.
See attached, same map,same settings. Right is rendered with corona 6 and left is the new one(30th march daily). I'm kind of screwed because literally in all my scenes I am using Phoenix Ocean map and now all my old scenes are different. I asked a friend with Corona 5 to render this and it looked ok. Is there anyway i can revert to Corona 6 behavior? This is very important

It is impossible to create a stormy sea, I cannot raise the waves no matter what I do. Has something changed fundamentally in the way Corona calculates displacement?

Desperate level 10/10


[Max] Feature Requests / Send to Photoshop
« on: 2021-03-24, 07:17:06 »
Hi there all!

I was wondering if it is difficult or even possible to make a button in the Corona VFB and Corona Image editor which will send all or the selected element to photoshop.

So click "send to photoshop" and if Photoshop is open, it should load the images there. I know there is CTRL+C~CTRL+V and load files into stack script in PS, but this way it would be much faster.


[Max] I need help! / Refraction doubles render time
« on: 2020-08-28, 15:42:19 »
Hi there,

I need to get to the bottom of this and any suggestion of faking this or any posibility to speed this up would greatly improve my renderings (and my mental state).

Please see the attached 2 renders. One has refraction set to zero = Render time 03:39
                                                   One has refraction set to 1, no scattering = Render time 07:17

So you see my frustration and desperation...I need to render animation out of this but refraction completely destroys my render times. This is on a 3950X CPU.
If I use translucency the render times are similar to the NO refraction ones, but at this angle the water looks like plastic :(

Is there anything at all I can do? Any tricks to fake the look and feel? I could get the color in order in post, but look at the back part of the ship, no underwater foam is visible of course. And at lower angles I need some transparenct near the ship. Can this be made adaptive in anyway?

I tried to map a gradient around the ship and make the water near the ship refractive and the rest non refractive but oh boy the render times are like 12311x higher:))

Any suggestion would be welcomed. To me 2x render times for refraction seems very excessive.


[Max] Resolved Bugs / Corona Internal Error
« on: 2020-08-25, 08:41:30 »
Hi guys,

I know this might be a bit vague but I have some Corona issues which is currently plaguing my scene. Due to NDA I cannot share the scene. The error I get is

(Internal error. Please report it at
device or resource busy: device or resource busy )

Max doesn't crash always, but I can't do anything in the scene anyways. It happens when I want to start the IR. If I open and close 3ds max, it works for a bit, then the error pops again. I'm kind of screwed...

I know it can be many causes but what would be the main culprit? what should I look for? I am running max 2020.03 and the latest Corona RC. I was using a Xref Scene, but I merged it and i still get the issue:( 

[Max] I need help! / Rendering water
« on: 2020-07-25, 19:59:21 »
Hi there all,

I am having quite a big problem. All my renders have a huge area of water, and that is literally destryoing my render times.

For example,
Rendering the yacht with Corona Sky&Sun -> about 1 minute. Rendering with the water, about 6 minutes.(1080p resolution) The reflective noise from the ship's deck will never ever be cleaned. It's like corona is really pushing almost all its power into rendering the water which is already clean enough.  CoronaRaySwitch is not working properly with refractive materials/not fully supported.

Then I tried to adjust the water/ocean shader but there isn't much I can do there. I am using a simple refractive material + absorbtion color value + scatter (1 bounce only)
I was thinking use translucency and here are the results:

Refraction ON material - > 1:27
Refraction OFF but Translucency ON - >0:49

The difference is huge and I somehow managed to get the same look of the material but there are two big problems:
1. The translucency one isn't so stable on different angles, I get peculiar results on straight on angles
2. Of course I lose the proper transparency/refraction of water.... And I need that.

My question is, can something be done about it? I don't see anyway to optimize this... No controls. I tried turning on/off adaptivity/MSI/ and so on. no changes.

I am literally getting desperate. I need to render out some animations and it's so frustrating seeing a the ship alone in the Sun&Sky Sytem to be rendered in 1 minute and turning on the water leads to 7-8 minutes..and that water doesn't really influence ship that much besides some water reflection in the hull and that's it.

I am totally not a programmer, except for "hello world" :)) But, can a custom shader be written for it? Can third party person do that? Whom do I ask? Just shut up and take my money and give me a fast ocean shader please. Anyone!

Rendering high res stills is also a problem...Currently I kind of render the ship without the water so I get noise free decks &Ceilings and hull...then region render the hull with the water to composite the reflection but it's a S*it way of doing things and it drives me nuts. I am waiting for about 3-4 hours on a Ryzen 3950X for a 4000px image... Which is an exterior, hardly any GI bounces in there. It's just the reflective noise...


[Max] I need help! / Inconsistent noise level-passes
« on: 2020-05-22, 08:26:11 »
Hi there,

I cam across a very peculiar (at least for me) situation. I have sent a simulation (which has phoenix fd foam) to my"render farm" consisting of two computers. I've set a noise level of 9.5
Before going to sleep I waited to see a couple of frames. Render times were around 6 minutes and then suddenly jumped to 17-18 minutes, literally the next frame (there is little change in the frames). So my deadline goes out of the window for this friday:( but i have to know what I did wrong

Then I watched 2 frames while they were rendering and I noticed that after pass 6 the noise level didn't update until pass 9. Pass 6 7 8 showed the exact same noise level and then at pass 9 it dropped way under my noise level of 9.5.  Maybe I was better off using pass level limit? The thing is towards the end of the animation there is more geometry so I thought it will need more passes to keep the same quality.

The same huge jump in render times happened on my second machine.

any ideas?


[Max] I need help! / Refraction issues
« on: 2020-04-14, 22:31:01 »

So I've been bashing my head around this... It started initially with the phoenix fd liquid simulator..I thought that is the culprit, then I exported the mesh to Alembic, then I thought that is the problem + many other things until I ended up with this simple setup- a collapsed mesh(Singe sided!) from the ABC file and a simple plane and a ground plane.

I have a ground plane at -60meters. And I have this water plane(with the cutout) and the ,abc mesh at +3 meters.  I don't know how to explain it properly, I think the images shows the issue. If the meshes are separate they render differently, if they are attached they render uniform and with correct depth/absorbtion parameter.

Is there anyway around this? In case you are wondering why I need this, I want to render a big plane with displacement with water and then composit the phoenix fd simulator box on top of it, but I can't do that because of this problem. I've attached another screenshot to see. Look how the displaced mesh (a collapsed edit poly now) looks. This doesn't seem right at all to me.
Even more weird, if I attached the mesh to the plane with the cut, it renders correct!!!

Thanks in advance!

[Max] I need help! / Displacement memory leak
« on: 2020-04-01, 10:11:23 »
Hi guys,

First of all, I am not insane but what I am about to describe will make me sound like a lunatic.

I have a scene of about 14 mil polygons, some CAD imported geometry, normal max geometry, a plane with a phoenix FD ocean map. Things are fine...Render is normal.
Then I modify something on the model(like add some extra edges for example, put a bend modifier etc) and when I want to render it goes out of memory while calculating displacement. And it is impossible to cancel...The scene normally takes less than 30 gb of ram, and when I see going above 45 I click cancel nothing happens until it reaches the maximu i have, 64...
It also plagues my scene, I have to revert to a previous one. It is incredible frustrating. Again, I did nothing but change a few vertices on some of my models. It's not even related to the plane which has displacement. I didn't touch that at all.

** Even if I cancel the render the second it says "calculating displacement" it cannot be canceled! :(

** It happens randomly on the scene..I did change extra things on the models and it is fine. But once the scene is plagued I have to revert to a previous save and 'tread lightly" so to say

*** Is there any way to flush/clean/clear any caches about displacement that corona might dump somewhere ?

I get this message "Bad allocation Exception!
Corona Renderer ran out of RAM an was unable to allocate memory it needs for rendering. This can be caused by rendering too big scene with not enough RAM, or an internal bug in Corona Renderer. Contact our support for more info.

Thank you!

P.S. I am running Corona 5, AMD Ryzen 3950X, Nvme SSD's, 64 gb of RAM.

General CG Discussion / Human eye ISO and f
« on: 2017-11-09, 11:55:45 »
Hi guys,

So after many many years I finally have my own space to live and I am planning things in 3ds. I am my own client, and I am at V07_prefinal_final_FinalOMG_just_Buy-Something.jpg

Anyway, I need to know how to adjust my light fixtures, I have the real world values of light intensity in lumens, the problem is I don't know how to adjust the camera exposure. If I take a photo and the image is too dark, I increase ISO/F-no/decrease shutter speed of course. But this doesn't show what the human eye sees.

So to get a close representation of what I would see with my own eyes in a certain space, what would be the camera settings? I know the human eye F-no goes to around 2.1, but what do I do with the shutter speed and ISO ? Is there a rule of thumb for this? How do you gues tackle this issue?

Thank you

[Max] I need help! / 3ds interface keeps refreshing
« on: 2017-05-16, 10:48:04 »
Hi guys,

Probably not Corona related, but I'm in a super tight deadline situation and 3ds is completely driving me INSANE, literally I have a headache and don't have time to investigate

The***** interface keeps refreshing when I change a parameter, mainly when I am in the IR mode. I change a simple diffuse color all the damn windows starts to flash (IR window, slate material editor window, layers window etc), 1-2-3 times, then it freezes for 1-2 seconds then it works. EVERYTHING BLINKS like a xmas tree.

Anyone had these issues and maybe know a fix? I have a 2x E2670 with 64 gb ram, GTX 1060, Win 10.

EDIT:  So definately things are happening while the IR is opened.

Thanks and sorry for the rant.

Gallery / Studio interior- Bucharest
« on: 2017-04-25, 11:36:03 »
Hi everyone,

By far, I'm totally not an interior designer but I wanted to have a go at it, since this will be my future home.
Some stuff is from libraries and some is modeled like the kitchen cabinets, sink, oven etc.

Still not up to the great quality I see on the forum, was even a bit reluctant to post these around...

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Color picker-issue
« on: 2017-04-03, 14:18:56 »

I'm in a bit of a rush so I didn't check for similar topics but I was trying to color pick something from an open image from Windows, and I got an error which also said "pls report this to us" :D

This is what I got, let me know if you need extra details. It's not a big deal, I just closed the material editor and opened it again and it worked.

General CG Discussion / Large scale terrain texturing
« on: 2016-11-22, 21:29:47 »
Hi all,

I'm trying to create some islands (Mediterranean bay to be exact). I've generated the terrain in world machine, but I can't get good tetures out of it. The best I could do is what you see in the attached images. Any ideas how to proceed? That square is (with water) is 4.6 km x 4.6 km. I have some good cliffs textures, but they are all about 2m x 2m, so the repetition is simply insane. Trying to break them up with noise map didn't get me anywhere :(.  Most of the ground will be covered with bushes and trees, but some small parts of the land will be clear, and of course the cliffs, which are my biggest concern.

How would you guys proceed?

Thanks in advance!

Work in Progress/Tests / Ferrari 458
« on: 2016-09-22, 19:35:54 »
Hi there everyone!

So I have a little bit of free time, and I'm trying to render a car that I very much like, but I want to avoid the classic studio render. This is what I have so far.

I will add some light inside, from the dashboard, so there is something happening inside. I'm not sure what to add in the background, I'm thinking to add some high powered lights (?)

And I want to add some sort of mist/fog/smoke. I've tried to use corona volumetric material, on some blobmesh, and other kind of geometry but I'm not getting good results (Maybe I'm missing something) Any ideeas, or a start point for me to investigate?

Thank you!

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