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Gallery / Minimalist Kitchen
« on: 2020-09-30, 21:20:40 »
Hi guys,

This is an older project of mine that I've rendered in Corona for Cinema4D.

I also sell many of my projects, so if you want the scene, you can get it here:

Cheers :)

Gallery / Luxury Bedroom Apartment
« on: 2020-09-19, 16:39:50 »
Hi guys,

Here's a personal project i did. A Luxury Bedroom Apartment.

I also sell the scene here if you are interested:


[C4D] General Discussion / Corona -> C4D materials
« on: 2020-09-18, 10:51:17 »
Hi Corona Team,

Is there any way you can make a way to convert materials from Corona to Cinema4D materials?
Would be super!!

Thank you

cool thank you Maru!

Thank you it was Highlight clamping! Not highlight compression i was messing with that made no difference...

Thanks all!!


Highlight clamping has to help in this case. Please note that it's not "highlight compression" (the one you find in the VFB post tab), but "highlight clamping" in the frame buffer settings of the Render Setup.

ohh ok i see i confused it with highlight clamping

maherkhedder - Ok will have to make a scene

beanzvision - Yep all DOF & highlight clamping makes no difference... Have tried a lot of settings.
Attached a wider shot

Hi guys,

white speculars...How do i get rid of this?
My highlight compression is on 10...but regardless of what i put it on, it changes nothing


Nice to hear it works for you. It is one of the cases where material tweaking without the IR would be a major PITA ;)

A layer mask lets you choose the base and the dirt color better.
In the end, you can also use this method to e. g. use different IORs (brass and patina) or more.


Wow ok very interesting. Thank you Michael!!

Something like this?

Thank you so much again!!
Attached my updated render. (Unsure why it works this way using a layer mask, but so glad it does!)

No combination of Color Spread and Ray Directionality in my sample file will get you where you want to be?

Wow did it totally different than me...makes a huge difference!?

Why are you using it as a layer mask?

Thank you....

Something like this?

thanks, but no much more intense. Attached what i have (I made it pink to show) - The intensity must be super strong, but not spreading over the whole coin.

Here's my result.

AO doesnt work as expected. When you have dirt on a small number it looks ok, but, when you increase it, it spreads over the whole coin very subttle....

I want it to be small but really intense...., but cannot get it like that...


yep, watched it probably 20 times, but no luck.
Like greek to translate max node materials to C4D....(nightmare :))

Hi guys,

Been struggling to get this working....
Easy in the diffuse, but to make it look like this sample..

Please help.

Thank you

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