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[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaDecals playground!
« on: Today at 01:46:34 »
if I understand it right as "the displacement from decal should be added on top of the original displacement, not replace it", that is very easy to do, and can be added as a mode

I think there's too much ambiguity in the words "on top" and "replace", so i draw some picture. What i, and i think many others, expected from decals, that it could work like in a, b and c examples. a - only decal is mapped, b - only target is mapped and c - both are mapped (i'm talking only about displacement here). Currently we have a and b, but not c.

I think some people also asked for d - where displacements are mathematically added through some blend modes. This can be useful in some cases, but i think it's not crucial to have it right now.

C is how it was always supposed to look, if it does not, that means a bug got in at some point and we will fix it.
D would still be doable if requested

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaDecals playground!
« on: Yesterday at 15:40:48 »
if I understand it right as "the displacement from decal should be added on top of the original displacement, not replace it", that is very easy to do, and can be added as a mode

it seems to me that this function is completely useless / erroneous
the idea was that we could select one or several objects in the scene that will generate caustics - this will allow us to save CPU resources, not to count caustics from everything that has reflection-refraction, and now in the PBR era, all materials have reflection, count caustic from only one or more objects that really need caustic, such as water in a pool, glass in a house, vase on a table
I do not understand where you can apply the function - disable receiving caustics. This does not save CPU resources and does not allow the caustics to be calculated faster.
We need a function to disable / enable caustics for unnecessary / needed objects / materials

PS. thanks for CoronaDecal - the first tests look great!

Right now it looks more like an artistic tool rather than CPU helper. It allows you to control that you only want caustics to appear on certain objects e.g. a pool surround, ceiling, table etc. But I have to agree that it feels a backwards solution. In practice we're going to need to always exclude the entire scene models, and then selectively allow those few objects to remain. But as you build/change/increase the scene complexity as you work you're going to definitely forget to keep adding all the undesirable objects to the exclude list. It should just be reversed to an Include list.

do you know that you can switch it to include list in the exclude dialog, like all similar lists?

There is no native format of normal maps, it is a matter of very simple to change processing in single place (NormalMap). Corona AFAIK uses what 3dsmax uses, or what somebody requesting the feature originally recommended

Just FYI, lightmerge was banned today after rambling something about respect, edgy gamers, and jaroslav's death in my private messages.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: casutics solver is still crap
« on: 2021-09-01, 09:37:03 »
I am not a developer
Not with that attitude! You just need to believe in yourself! Lightmerge already believes in you, you can do it!

We tried, but the thing is that no matter how much we stress it, some people just cannot read. We just cannot announce "we would like to try these things for v8" becasue of this :/. Still even after something is on shortlist the continuing demand may play a role if we need to make a decision what to boot from the next release, so dont hesitate to support your favorite feature.

wait, what about decals? Was this added already, how did I miss that?
There might or might not be something done, but sadly because some of the users cannot understand that a feature might get postponed when unexpected complications occur, we will generally announce only features that are fully done ;)

is that 0.5 GB after compression? Usually it compresses well

Also we can probably fix this even without trying running without vray, I was just asking because it would help us speed the process up.

You deleting the minidump does the exact opposite.

there is an exception originating in vray, can you try uninstalling/disabling vray to see if it helps?

Can we get some info on the Decals?
How will they work or is it too early to tell?
They are an object you apply a material with opacity mask to, that is it. No additional setup necessary

There are usually some features being developed for further releases at the end of one cycle, this is definitely not the first time ;).

This time the timing was just right, if this was finished before the release, I would intentionally not publish it, because it would confuse people looking for this in v7

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