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Chaos Corona 12 (Release Candidate 2) is out now for 3ds Max!


Teodora Mircheva:
Chaos Corona 12 (Release Candidate 2) is out now for 3ds Max!
Everyone with an active license has access, and the downloads are in the usual locations. (RC 2 for Cinema 4D will be announced separately today or tomorrow)

Downloads and Change logs:
3ds Max

A Release Candidate is close to being the final release, but we need your feedback to catch any remaining bugs or other issues from real-world testing. This is expected to be the final major RC before release, meaning this is the last opportunity to test and give feedback.
Here are some of the major features in Corona 12:

* Render test images in seconds with the new Corona to Vantage scene export. Import your Corona scene into Vantage to render still images and create Vantage animations, enjoying the lightning-fast speed of GPU rendering.
* Label round or curved objects perfectly using the new Curved Decals feature.
* Create new and incredibly realistic materials with the help of Corona Pattern. Mix and match whether the maps follow the base object UV, the pattern object UV, or both, to get the exact patterns you want with no hassle.
* Get full creative control over the scattering process with the new Scatter Instance Brush. Refine your procedural scatter to the last detail, using a brush to paint in or delete procedural instances.
* Enjoy a smoother workflow by having multiple LightMix elements with different settings and more new features and improved UI in the new and improved VFB 2.
Please test as much as possible and report your findings to us, so that we can make Corona 12 ready for release as quickly as we can! You can tell us about any issues by following the links below:

3ds Max
Post your issue in this thread


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