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Chaos Corona 12 RC1 - Can I open an animation made by C4D on Vantage?

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Minseung Mun:
Hello! First of all, I feel really good because Corona 12 RC1 was released.

I'm testing some of the Vantage right now.

I have a question. I created an animation from C4D by giving the camera animation or the key directly to the object.

Is it possible to open an animation made like this in Vantage?

From what I've tried, it seems impossible. I think I can only make animations made by taking a camera inside Vantage, is that correct?

If that's the case, I hope the day will come soon when I can bring the animations made by C4D to Vantage.

I think a lot of users will want it.

Anyway, thank you very much for linking with Vantage again! Thx! :)

It is not possible to export animations from the DCC (Max or C4D) - this is something we've been at pains to point out to avoid raised expectations for the initial connection to Vantage :)

That kind of animation would require the live link, which is planned for the next version of Corona. Meantime, the foundations are laid, and indeed you can create animations once inside Vantage right now, which includes camera animation, object transformation, lights color and intensities (I believe), and the Sun position (so long as Animated Geographic is chosen as the mode). Animations are created by transitioning between scene states, with the scene states associated with a particular camera, which is a different approach than keyframed individual animation tracks for each object/property but still lets you achieve a lot.

Hope this helps!

Minseung Mun:
Thank you very much, Tom!
It's really helped me a lot. I see! I hope it's going to be a live link in the next Corona version.
Anyway, I'm really happy to use Vantage in Corona. I'll try to make various animations within Vantage.
Thank you very much again! :)

You are welcome! Yes, the plan is for live link (and so animations from the DCC) to be supported in 13. Meantime, Vantage is pretty good at creating certain types of animations, ones well suited to archviz flythroughs and similar, though it does take a bit of a mental shift away from the per-item keyframe track that we are used to, to shift to thinking in terms of scene states.

So is the rendering inside Vantage production quality, or just for pre-vis to good-vis? I did watch a video about it, but left with the impression that it isn't for the final rendering. Maybe I didn't have my coffee yet.


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