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Gamma Correction Tone Mapping Operator Removed - Bring it back!

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I've been waiting since the beginning of time for a Gamma related tone-mapping operator in Corona VFB.

It was introduced in V11 HF1 and I finally got to use it yesterday on a new project but I'm now seeing that it has been removed in V11 Hotfix 2.


Regardless of colour workflows, OCIO etc. etc. it was an incredibly useful VFB addition and I can't understand what harm would be caused by leaving it in.

Can we please have it back?

Same here - I don't get it. There are cases where this is useful, technical or artistic, removing it just doesn't make sense. On the contrary, it was something that was missing for some users and requested, please bring it back.

I would love to hear the reasoning behind that decision.

I would to hear it is back!

Pretty sure there was a reply in another thread about this where it was answered, but just in case not - the Gamma operator in its previous form was added purely to overcome a technical issue with color management in Max, which is no longer relevant so it has been removed. In terms of having it as an artistic parameter, we'll look into how that might fit in with tone mapping in a way that makes sense there, e.g. similar to how you find adjustments in Photoshop, which may be something different than the parameter that was there before (stuff like Offset etc. too). So we'll look into re-adding it, at the same time we look into other VFB 2 things that we may be changing (which may not be 12, as the work there will focus first on the recode and reskin and then we'll see how far we get otherwise).


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