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Corona Technical Documentation Released!


With the release of Corona 9, we have also released the very first version of Corona Documentation!

You can find it here:

While we do have some of Corona's features explained over at our Help Center (, the purpose of Docs is slightly different:

* The Help Center content is like an advanced FAQ explaining how to achieve the desired results and avoid mistakes ("how to render volumetrics", "how to get rid of noise").
* The Docs are a technical manual, listing each feature and covering its options one by one, with simple examples. Think of tooltips without the need to run the host software.
Currently some of the Zendesk and Docs content is duplicated, but we will fix this ASAP. We are also planning some other improvements.

Everyone is welcome to look around, and if you spot any mistakes or other issues, please do let us know in this forum thread or by submitting a support ticket at

Hello Maru,

thanks a lot for the docs.

is - Using reflection/refraction environment overrides with HDR images may result in persistent fireflies part still relevant for v9? As I know- not anymore.

As we discussed in other thread, it will we great to have some technical information about coronaConverter :a list of supported material and maps

Best Regards

Thanks for the feedback! We will be sure to update our guides!


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