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[C4D] I need help! / C4D material pure black problem
« on: 2023-08-07, 15:45:49 »
hi again,

why with cinema4d base material it is not possible to have pure black with corona as renderer ? is it normal ?
and the reflection settings don't work.

it's annoying because the plugin Anima uses basic cinema4d materials so the characters look like wax. way too shiny. When i try to change a reflection setting, nothing happened.

see attachment.

[C4D] I need help! / Random corona light very noisy
« on: 2023-08-07, 11:23:44 »
Hi team !

I've a very strange problem on my last scene.
I've a corona light very noisy and it's completely random. The position changes according to the frame, see attachement.

it appeared as much in video rendering as in interactive

Nothing fancy in the scene.

c4d r26, RC 10.1

I can send the scene.

Hi Team !

Hope you're good.

Is it possible to randomize by UV tiles with the UVW randomizer or an other node ?

I can do that with the c4d variation node "polygon variation UV Tile", i'm curious to know if it's possible with corona node.


[C4D] Bug Reporting / Broken environment overrides.
« on: 2020-04-02, 15:56:31 »
Hi Corona team.

The direct, reflection or refraction override doesn't work with the last build.

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Feb 27 2020 12:22:45
Version: 6.0 daily Feb 27 2020
Cinema version: R19.068 CINEMA 4D Studio (single-license)
Plugin status: Plugin successfully loaded

My colleague tried with V5 version and it worked.

See attachements. And a scene to test.

Cheers !

Hi guys,

Can you see if on your side it works?

it seems that it worked at the beginning.

Cheers !

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Rendering shadow maps problem
« on: 2019-11-27, 15:57:48 »
Hi Corona team,

I've noticed that in the last release candidate 11.25.19 there's a problem with the rendering shadow maps, that didn't exist in the 30.08.19 dailybuild.
So in this new version it takes a lot of time to start the rendering. Here's a video to help me explain the difference between the preparation time in this new version, in comparison with the last version.

I've to say that i've only tested RC3, don't know if this problem exists in the other RC's.

2 videos to illustrate, and the scene with private uploader.

Cinema version: R19.068 CINEMA 4D Studio (single-license)

uplaoder : 1574866719_rendering-shadow-maps.rar


[C4D] Bug Reporting / Cubemape camera projection problem
« on: 2019-08-16, 09:09:20 »
Hi Team,

Yesterday we rendered a VR and when we uploaded in the viewer we have noticed a stitching problem.

Screenshot is from TheViewer website. We tried on another vr viewer and same result.
We've already contact we TheViewer team, and they told us that the little seams are caused by the denoising, but our mainly worry is concerned to the huge gap between the bottom and top projection, as you can see in the image below.

Vr resolution : 6000x1000

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Jul  2 2019 18:43:53
Version: 4 hotfix 1 (core 4 (Hotfix 1))
Cinema version: R19.068 CINEMA 4D Studio (single-license)
Plugin status: Plugin successfully loaded

[C4D] Feature Requests / Spherical vfb for VR
« on: 2019-02-16, 21:08:03 »
Hi guys, we do a lot of VR at the office and sometimes it's difficult to understand the picture (cube mapping mode for example)

A spherical mode for the vfb would be a very nice thing.


Hi guys,

if u use the Cubemap projection with team render, there is a symetrical ghost image superposed.

See attached image !

Resolution : 16380*1365

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Dec  6 2018 12:55:17
Version: 3.0 daily Dec  6 2018 (core 3)
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R19.068 S
Plugin status: initialized successfully

Hi guys,
We are doing a video and need to animate light color
I know I can change a Corona Light Material Color but I yould really rather have the all lighting system to change color instead
I thought about having two Lights with diffrent colors and dime the first one while increasing the other one’s value.
But is  there an easier way to keyframe a CoronaLight Color for example ?
Thanks in advance

[C4D] General Discussion / Esc stop rendering
« on: 2018-02-15, 14:37:03 »
Hi Corona Team,

The is something a little bit annoying, if u press Esc it stops the render without confirmation dialog box. It happened to me a couple of time to stop render by mistake.

It would be better if we can have a confirmation dialog box " Are u sure : yes - No"

Cheers, Rémi !

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Projector doesn't work.
« on: 2017-11-17, 13:40:24 »
Hi everyone,
The projector effect don't work for me.

Create a new material, diffuse, load a .jpg, effect, projector.

The texture in diffuse disappears for all the projections but not for uvw ...

if someone can comfirme this !

Cheers, Rémi.

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / History Compare A/B Bug "Not rendered"
« on: 2017-11-16, 11:01:48 »
Hi guys,

I've got this problem sometimes. When i want to compare 2 images, the image B is black and it's write"not rendered"

See attachement.

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Mac OS - Render region dont work
« on: 2017-10-02, 10:15:48 »
Hi guys, the render region dont work.

When u use the render region in VFB nothing happend in the region selected. It still render all the picture.

MacOs Sierra 10.12.6

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Sep 29 2017 21:39:28
Version: B1 daily Sep 29 2017 (core 1.7 DailyBuild Sep 29 2017)
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R17.055 S
Plugin status: initialized successfully

Hi guys,
Can someone confirm the direct visibility override / frontal projection doesnt work.
I plug a standart material with my jpeg in diffuse i want to see in background but it's all black.

I missed something ? Or if it's work can someone share a easy scene. to know how it's works.

thanks guys.

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