Author Topic: Corona Scatter V3(Hotfix2) 3dsmax 2017  (Read 1957 times)

2019-04-18, 10:51:56


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Hi Everyone,

i just upgraded to version 3(hotfix2),coming from V2 and seems that the scatters have an issue between the two version :

In version 3 :

 - Objects Scales changes completly
 - Does not respect the affected pivot
 - Most of the scatter objects needs to be relink

Note that this is happening only with external assets (imported objects) not the 3dsmax native. All my imported assets have been mergedn they are not groups.

For the moment i rollback to v2 since i have too many objects scattered but i hope it help you guys to know there might be something there.

Have a nice day.

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2019-04-18, 13:08:41
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Can you please submit a ticket to support and upload a scene that's behaving differently in V2 and V3 to our uploader?

To submit a ticket:

Our uploader is here:

Note that there is a separate Dropbox-based uploader that can accept files up to 10GB in size, available here: (it's also linked in the general uploader at the bottom of the page)

Please make sure you also mention the name of the uploaded file in the ticket.


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