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We should soon release a daily build with improved scene loading times. Once it's out, please test it with a problematic scene.

Gallery / Re: Gare Montparnasse
« on: Yesterday at 15:54:49 »
As a teenager, I used to have the original photo as a poster in my room with a caption too inappropriate to share here. ;)
Nice to see here after so many years.

This is on the Scatter team's todo list.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Caustics Issues
« on: 2023-09-28, 13:59:45 »
On the original topic:
With thin option - there is no refraction happening at all, so the shadows of the walls are just showing as if passing through the air.
Without thin option and without caustics (we are also calling this "hybrid shadows") - the shadows of the walls are again showing just as if passing through the air, but then this is seen through a refractive material.
With caustics enabled - the whole water object is casting 100% opaque shadow first and then light is computed on top of that, but this time the light is correctly refracted inside the volume.
So basically the "no caustics" option is the same as "thin" in terms of shadows, there is just refraction applied on top. Check out the attached image.

What would also be useful is a good explanation into absorption colour and distance.


A darker more saturated colour and a high distance value


A lighter less saturated colour and a low distance value.

Is one more correct than the other?

I've also just set the distance to the maximum depth of the pool and then tweaked the colour from there ...
Making the color darker is exactly the same as making the distance lower. That's why you can just set absorption to pure black, forget about the color, and adjust the distance only. That is, if you don't need colored absorption.

Also whil I'm here.  Are there any issues with Caustics + 4K Cache that I need to be aware of?
No, we are not aware of anything, but the 4K cache should be still treated as "experimental".

Hmm getting more crash on loads with some larger scenes in the loading corona assets phase with the latest beta. Quite possibly forestpack related again. Have rolled back to 10.1 for one scene (no humano people in that one) and that loads again. We have one PC that seems to be more sensitive to crashes, same spec and software versions and plugin versions but one PC loads some scenes the other cant and both crash on one particular scene. Very odd.

If possible, please share the problematic scene with us at

Hello guys,
I have the same problem in 3ds max and corona. Rendering animation, and the rendertimes are increasing vith every frame. If i restart, the rendertimes are goning back to normal, but start increasing again.
did any of you found whats causing the problem?

I think it would be best to report this in the 3ds Max section, or even better, send us a new support ticket at

Looks very similar to this:

Ideally, we would need a scene to find out what is going on. You can share it here:

Off-Topic / Re: Corona vfb spinnig smiley face icon
« on: 2023-09-27, 15:28:34 »

I think I am missing something here, but

A common error that pops up is Falloff map in Fresnel model is not supported in Base IOR slot.
This is just a wrong thing to do. You should never do this.

Is there anyway we can get a button like Fix CoronaNormal "Incorrect gamma" warnings.
Im not sure of the best solution but this would be a huge time saver!
There is such a button in the converter script window and in the error message itself.

Hi, I am very sorry, but we cannot really help you with payment or licensing-related issues over the forum. Please submit a support ticket here and the dedicated team will assist you:

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: View LUT?
« on: 2023-09-26, 18:38:38 »
Thanks Pokoy, that's an awesome explanation. If you would like to share any thoughts here, that would be super helpful as well:

Hi, since this is a licensing-related question, we may need some additional information from you (such as your registered email address), so please submit a new support ticket here:
The dedicated team will answer all your questions over there. Please also be sure to provide any basic information such as which exact version of Corona you are using and how exactly you would like to use your two computers (displaying the software interface + rendering, or rendering only?)

[Max] I need help! / Re: fir trees like a ghost on render
« on: 2023-09-26, 16:37:36 »
Hi, sorry for the delay. If this is still a problem, it would be best if you submit a new support ticket at

The semi-transparent objects usually mean that the render node is unable to load some assets. This could mean that the node is unable to access the location where the asset is stored (for example a network drive), but it could also be other issues, like missing plugins.

The important thing is to have a simple and fast network setup: computers connected to a switch, fast network adapters, and some kind of centralized location for assets such as a network drive visible to all computers or a NAS. Using Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar solutions should work too, but if something goes wrong, then it's adding one additional 3rd party component to the equation. :)

[Max] I need help! / Re: Camera and White Balance questions
« on: 2023-09-26, 16:28:06 »
We generally advise to use the Corona Camera rather than the 3ds Max native Physical Camera.
Please see:

Hello, are you still having this problem? Have you started a support ticket with us?

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