Author Topic: VrayLensEffect works in Corona!  (Read 4217 times)

2013-11-10, 10:26:15


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Yesterday, i was trying to fake glare and bloom in one of my interior renders with many spotlights. Its PITA to do it correctly and manually in PS. Years back, i was using only unbiased renderers where lens effects are part of "package" so i was forced to find another way how to do it. I have got an idea to try VrayLensEffects works!!

Post some of your test here, im curious ;)

PS : Im not 100% sure if it works correctly as in Vray.

Quick testrender below.

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2013-11-11, 09:09:00
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Cool, I was wondering about this. Does it work directly in Corona Frame buffer or did you copy it to Maxs own?

2013-11-11, 14:39:51
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It's true, Jeff Patton wrote about this year ago, using iRay that time to showcase. Vlado mentioned it's just simple post-process so it's should be independent from renderer.  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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2013-11-11, 15:03:58
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it's should be independent from renderer.
... which is why I won't implement it :D
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2013-11-15, 18:45:59
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Hello michaltimko

How you solved this effect ? Only through CoronaRender / effect ?