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Gallery / Michal Timko`s gallery
« on: 2014-10-31, 12:05:43 »
I`d like to post my latest work. Both images were done pretty fast so they`re not perfect in terms of materials and composition.

Living room is mix of HDR and Sun and bedroom is single HDR map. Both were rendered in 5k with MSI100 (+- 2hours for each image)

Work in Progress/Tests / Michal Timko`s garage
« on: 2014-10-28, 21:56:00 »
Hello all

Im registered here since forum started but i was never conviced about having my own thread here, but i think that its not bad thing to share some WIP pics and ask for help from more experienced users.

This thread will be something like my garage - I`ll be posting previews from my personal and commercial works.

Because im using corona in commercial works since early alpha, i have like 200 projects laying on my HDD which will be added here one by one (but not all of them fo course :) )

So lets start with something fresh : WIP shots fom project im working on (office building in Belgium)

Gallery / Sofa presentation
« on: 2013-11-17, 17:26:36 »
Hello Coronauts

     I decided to share some of my older renders. They were provided for my friend/client from Germany. He asked me to place his sofa model to fictive interior and do some renders.
I decided to use Bertrand Benoit`s interior for this project. Materials were manually "converted", some of them are mine, some textures were re-used (walls, bricks etc.)

Interior was lit by HDRi (i dont remember which one) and some corona lights. Rendertime approx. 2hrs in double res. (no portals)
I know that sofa is not perfect (boxy model), materials should be better (they were consulted with him, based on his requirements), deco either, but it was fast project with tight deadline and im quite satisfied with result.

Im preparing my new website where you can find my latest works but its going slowly because of most my renders are commercial projects, which i cant show before they launch in certain country (mostly Benelux projects).

[Max] General Discussion / VrayLensEffect works in Corona!
« on: 2013-11-10, 10:26:15 »
Yesterday, i was trying to fake glare and bloom in one of my interior renders with many spotlights. Its PITA to do it correctly and manually in PS. Years back, i was using only unbiased renderers where lens effects are part of "package" so i was forced to find another way how to do it. I have got an idea to try VrayLensEffects works!!

Post some of your test here, im curious ;)

PS : Im not 100% sure if it works correctly as in Vray.

Quick testrender below.

[Max] General Discussion / Corona portal test
« on: 2013-09-11, 13:13:26 »
Few quick tests to show you, how efficient portals should be in tight lightning scenarios. Feel free to post some other tests in more opened spaces.

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Pflow
« on: 2013-02-08, 00:51:50 »
I miss Pflow support :)

Gallery / WinOsi Cubo / BiDir test
« on: 2012-11-08, 15:19:29 »
Testing out BiDir in corona, looks very promising!
Scene from :

Scene contains 1x small emitter, diffuse plane and glass object

[Max] General Discussion / Bitmap blur
« on: 2012-09-19, 00:49:35 »
I did few tests to show, how bitmap blur affects final result in Corona. I found that 0,1-0,01 works best for me. Depends on bitmap`s sharpness.
Not sure if its bug but i thought that this info should help someone ;)

I`ll post it some of images i did while testing Corona :

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