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Thanks houska,

but I´m not talking about geometry motion blur only.
The basics are not working properly, like instances and legacy-x-refs.

any news on this one?
It looks like there's no interest from corona in making any improvements here?
MB is no even mentioned in V4. :(

really hope you change your mind some day.

certainly a much cherished wish!

It's not the first time the wish has been stated, and it won't be the last. :)

I really hope you are working on the MB issues as well. This is such a fundamental feature for all who work in the world of animation and motion graphics.

Hey Ben,

it works with the latest daily, thanks a lot!


Hi Ales,
sounds great, thanks a lot!


Cestmir, you are lightning-fast!!!

thanks, for the info, that takes away the stress.  :-)

Hi, thanks for your reply.
My version says:
Demo license active.
Activated until: 2019-02-01

It would be perfect if they work until 21.02. :)

Hi, mte! We'll figure it out, don't worry. I'm not sure, whether you can expect another hotfix in 8 days, but the beta will actually be discontinued after 21.02.2019, which is 45 days after the release. That's what we promised.

Hi Houska,
unfortunately the last working version is the "Beta 2 release candidate 4" from October.
So all version 3 betas have the same problem, that´s why the time is running.

Hey guys,

you really need to solve this problem with a hotfix, please!
my workaround atm is to open the old scene in another copy of c4d with the beta installed and manually copy the color values.
The problem is, I´m running ot of time. The beta works until 01.02.2019, so in 8 Days I am done.
Is there a way to solve this fast?

yes I just uploaded the scene.
Feel free to ask for further details if needed.


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Helpdesk is responding! :)
« on: 2019-01-16, 13:05:43 »
OK, found the problem!
On some machines Windows activated an unused NIC, and assigned the generic IP address to it.
Corona searched this (not existing) subnet for the lic-server, obviously with no luck.
This NIC was the first one in the list of NICs.
I don´t want to blame the corona license server, it has been a local problem, as usual :-)

@Corona Team
Might it be a good idea to search all NICs/Subnets instead only the first one in the list?

thanks for your help

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Helpdesk is responding! :)
« on: 2019-01-16, 12:22:02 »
Yes I did, deactivate the FW on both sides, and yes I have an inbound rule on server side.
I sounds like the FW what else.
Since some clients can connect and some not, it is a client problem, not server side.


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Helpdesk is not responding?
« on: 2019-01-16, 11:33:00 »
Hi Cestmir,

this is the request, but obviously the client cant find the server.

2019-01-16 11:14:39 [BEGIN] initializing license for application c4d-commercial. Our request key is: B77E94DE-BFF3-A242-F69E
2019-01-16 11:14:39 No activation file present (tried to locate: C:\Users\rf\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\CoronaActivation.txt).
2019-01-16 11:14:39 We will try to find a licensing server running on this subnet.
2019-01-16 11:14:44 Current license is:
                        No active license found.
                        Error: No license found on this machine
2019-01-16 11:14:44 [END] Activation process done.

I can ping the server without a problem, Ports are open too.
All machines are exact the same and the HDDs are clones as well. There is no reason why some can find the corona lic-server and some do not.
Maybe some win10 security stuff. I have to investigate further.

Cheers Andreas

when opening "old" scenes  in the final version, the light color is always white, no matter what the original was like.

would be good if you could fix it.

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