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[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Dual cpu speed problems
« on: 2021-08-18, 14:18:14 »
On systems with one cpu everything is ok, it can be seen even by the fact that when I render with one processor (in the cinema settings I limit the number of threads so that the 2nd processor does not use) then everything is fine.

Created two test scenes, with and without bitmaps,  uploaded as Hope this helps, thanks.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Dual cpu speed problems
« on: 2021-08-18, 13:51:45 »
We have a similar issue reported for Corona for Max, but we were not able to reproduce it on our end (it only happens to the user).

I tested in 3d max, even in 2019 everything was ok there with speed.
No  UVW Randomizer or Triplanar there, only maps at diffure,reflect\gloss, bump.

There is no need in dropping this test scene for you, created in a couple of minutes, it's just a set of simple geometric shapes, with sky and two materials, starting from 2019 with almost every assembly I create a similar test scene, and the result is always the same.

but we were not able to reproduce it on our end
Have you tested this on a DUAL PROCESSOR PC???

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Dual cpu speed problems
« on: 2021-08-18, 13:08:22 »
Hi guys, the 8th daily version of the Corona for the cinema has already been released, and the problem that I wrote about back in 2019 is still present (
The confirmation:
One cpu with no corona bitmap at materials, 9,7m rays actual

TWO CPU (not 2 core) with no corona bitmap at materials, 5,5m rays actual. One cpu is faster than two,LOL.

Two cpu with corona bitmap at materials, 16+m rays actual, this is NORMAL speed.

Are you planning to fix the render speed issue on dual-processor systems at all? If not, then at least add to the converter the ability to immediately convert all textures to the corona bitmap,because doing it manually takes a lot of time, thanks.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Project Asset Inspector
« on: 2021-07-27, 20:28:44 »

Hi guys this bug is still present in RC3

Hi, I also suffer from problems with corona bitmap and unfortunately this is one of them... I found a solution to this problem (it is strange), you need to drop the textures into the root folder of the c4d, and then the Project Asset Inspector finds all the textures and they are not lost.

Hi guys, problems with corona bitmap about which I wrote more than a year ago ( are still present here((((.
- Speed problem without corona bitmap on dual cpu system (2x intel xeon`s).
- If you use corona bitmap with layer-transformations (zoom), then it changes in the viewport, but not in the render.
- If you use corona bitmap with triplanar, it changes in render, but not in the viewport.


Thank you for the tip! I suppose that is one way to do it yet it does seem like a weird money investment in that case hah :)

I just noticed that without using the corona bitmap, one processor is faster than two, you can check it yourself and look at the number of rays

No( At last daily build same problem( Using corona bitmaps

:\ Yeah, I'm running an expensive workstation at the speeds of mainstream consumer chips because of this issue. Its either that or I use the CBitmap to get the speed back but then loose the ability to scale maps.

If you don’t use the bitmap corona, then it’s better to render on a single processor, in the settings of cinema (edit-preferences-renderer) and indicate the number of threads of one processor

No( At last daily build same problem( Using corona bitmaps

Problem with dual cpu not fixed, corona bitmap problems (with transformation layer\projector\triplanar) also stayed.

Yes(( I’ve been waiting for developers to fix this for more than a year.

Hi, corona render for c4d have this problems with dual cpu (2cpu on motherboard, not 2 core).
Exactly a year ago, I wrote about this problem here
And month ago there

Also, if you use the bitmap, and update the texture paths through the project asset inspector, then it finds them (textures), but after a second you still write what was not found, and you have to manually reassign the textures.

Hi, I wrote about problems with the corona bitmap here
During this time, not one problem was not fixed(((

I also noticed that if you use the corona bitmap and multi shader, then in the interactive mode you will constantly have diffuse change to just white (if there is a multi shader) and the reflect becomes completely with default settings  (like if in the slots there is nothing reflex and gloss) (if the multisheader is in reflex and gloss). You need to constantly restart the interactive.

After restarting interactive render

Guys, this bug with dual-processor systems and textures, which I wrote about in this thread (, is still there(((

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