Author Topic: xeon v4 cpus  (Read 50765 times)

2018-01-29, 17:23:37
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I have the system disabled to avoid having messages all over the internet :- )

I have email juraj(dot)talcik@yahoo(dot)com or skype Juraj_Talcik
I am Intel's Creator Ambassador, but my opinions are still my own, don't worry :- )  My Studio Please check the new stuff!

2018-01-29, 17:24:18
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2018-01-30, 10:46:23
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SaY, how many PCs do you have ? And do you build these for fun or for your office ?

To be honest I am jelly of these plat xeons ES. Had no idea people were already buying these, nor that they were available.

For business only of course. There are 4 of us in the office, all on 2cpu e5 xeon workstations (a xeon platinum workstation is being built atm), and have a render slave rack which is constantly being updated. Right now its one e5 2699v4 dual, one quad e7 8890v3 and waiting for memory for two xeon platinums to fit in. Everything is setup on 10gbe network to make sure all render nodes are starting up fast when needed, I use them all even for quick drafts. Works great!

edit: All cpus are ES!

2018-02-06, 15:18:43
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maybe some of you are interested too :D