Author Topic: C4D Seam Issues with SSS  (Read 4900 times)

2015-11-22, 18:32:58


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Well at first I thought it was an issue then I just made the model into one full object with different
materials using it. Then I started to see the seams again. I know I'm not doing anything wrong,
but the greenish seam shows up on the model. Example, Daz Studio models
they have different parts for the body and it upsets me cause the skin is great and corona in general, but this seam issue
isn't. Keyshot, Arnold Render, and Blender all do this but blender can be fixed after making the model a full mesh. Personally I wish it was more like vray where I can just group the related materials and just add my material no need to do more work than what I have already. Since it shouldn't calculate by uv mapping more by the object if that makes sense.

Be advised this image has better quality,and has nudity of behind. You can see the seam at the shoulders, thigh and parts of the nails.

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2015-11-23, 15:11:53
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Are you sure this is related to Corona? Also is it related to SSS? It disappears after you disable SSS?
Maybe it's just wrong mapping, maybe filtering messes it up?
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2015-11-24, 18:00:11
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I tried so many things to fix it trust me.

Example, when you add one material to all parts the seams aren't there. It only happens when it is separate material.
it doesn't show at all unless you use sss. So I know its nothing with the model or uvs since I know other render engines
that i mention do that.

Its more, why doesn't Vray or Maxwell render or even octane render do that.
to some it might be small issue or nothing but if you really thing about it, it can
really be a bad thing when doing sss with objects with different parts you would see that nasty seam

2016-02-26, 16:20:26
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not sure yet if this is a Corona issue. In fact, I'm a bit confused by the description, so I'll ask some simple yes/no questions:

* Does the seam appear in Corona with SSS on?
* Does the seam go away as you turn SSS off (still in Corona)?
* Does the seam appear in Keyshot / Arnold Render / Blender / Vray with SSS on?
* Does the seam go away in Keyshot / Arnold Render / Blender / Vray as you turn SSS off?

Can you please post pictures?  The scene itself?