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The distance shader makes me want to dance ;)

For real, the distance shader is exactly the thing I've been needing for a personal project, been playing with it a little, it's wicked nice. Can't wait to really dive into it more.

Hi all and sorry for the lack of updates. As of now, we are finalizing the v5 daily with R21 support. If all goes well, we will be able to release it today! Backport of R21 support to v4 will come later if we don't encounter any bugs with it in v5.

Thank you! Looking forward to testing this weekend!

Weird. I somehow totally get you guys wanting the R21 version but apart from certain 3ds Max plugins having 0-day render engine releases kind of ain't the norm. Personally I think there is still a lot  that can be done implementation wise (multi-instances?) and if R21 is late for a week or two I'm personally ok with that.

I guess its important to hear everyone's opinion though, maybe the list of priorities inside the team should change if there is enough want.

It's not really the wanting it now per se, I think some of us are just hoping to know when we might expect to see some news. Is it this week? Next week? Two months from now? I'd be more than happy with using the daily beta builds of 5 tbh. No one is asking the Corona Team to work faster, or without errors. Just looking forward to a date or timeline, even if it's not soon. I will wait for a year if I have to, I personally just want to know if I need to adjust my process or cancel my R21 subscription for the time being (or stop using Corona for a little bit).

Again, I love this product and the work that this team does. You all are crushing it. I am constantly trying to get other 3D artists/designers to try it. I will continue to feverishly refresh the forums for updates in the meantime :p


Hi Tom,

I've been using Corona since the alpha versions and now happily pay for Corona's subscription. I use your render engine almost daily. I love it. As a C4D artist/hobbyist I was excited to upgrade to the more affordable R21 and I'm now paying for that as well. I've been refreshing these forums for the last few days in hopes of an update and frankly, you guys are being very dodgy and vague about this right now.

I'm a developer by trade so I totally get where you guys are coming from in not wanting to make any promises. I can only speak for myself but I think just a little more transparency would put my mind at ease. Right now I can only either use R21 w/out Corona or R20 with Corona, and at this point it feels like I'm just wasting my money since I can't use both on a project.

Are there any additional insights your team can provide for us plebs? Is there some sort of incompatibility issue your team is facing? From the outside looking in it appears as if the team is focusing on new features for R20 and not putting a lot of priority on R21 (I'm sure this isn't the case).

With the release of R21 being so affordable I expect a lot of enthusiasts like myself are going to be getting into C4D and Corona is a really easy to learn and accessible render engine that helped me a ton when I was first learning.

Thanks for all that you guys do!

edit: I missed one of your posts from earlier today regarding to porting version 4 vs. moving forward with 5, hoping for some good news!

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