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That version (Oct 15) does not work at all for me,
opened a fairly heavy scene that was working very well with the previous daily build and it kept hanging, objects not displaying.
R21 - Mac 10.14.6

Well said, I'm refreshing several times a day, waiting for R21 news, I've been banging out stuff using standard and physical, wanting to use R21.
Some straight up timescale would be appreciated

[C4D] General Discussion / Realflow Mesh Rendering
« on: 2019-06-18, 23:16:09 »
I have a scene with a Realflow simulation - Mesher, Im not able to get Corona (v4) C4D to render the mesh.
Don't want to export to Alembic as I want to access the vertex maps for blending fluids.
Is this a know issue

[C4D] General Discussion / Mograph Color Shader Crash
« on: 2019-02-21, 17:41:43 »
Im getting a consistent crash when using the Mograph colour shader in the opacity channel, in order to fade on clones with a plain effector with linear falloff.
Tested it with nothing but 5 cubes as clones - still crashes when Interactive rendering is used
Has anyone used the color shader with success.

Cool, Yes, select the Meshed simulation, File-Export-Alembic, have a look at the options there, Frame Rate, number of frames etc, fairly intuitive. Save it to your HD.
Then either open, or merge to your existing scene. and you have an animated mesh. I use it for creating reusable things like splashes and liquid sims that can be recycled for other projects quickly. Good luck

Hi, Im rendering a number of shots on a project at the moment, in C4D using Particles, i used a similar workflow with realflow.
• Using X-Particles to create liquid splashes.
• Exporting the Cached mesh as Alembic
• Merging the .abc alembic file into my scenes
• Applying corona materials to the .abc object

Hope that's of some use

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