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My system has a Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 card
Containing 2304 Cuda cores. In my understanding those cores can be adressed as CPU cores.

When I monitor the GPU in my task manager when rendering a Corona Render engine scene in my 3Ds max, I see no activity for the cuda cores.
I red that Corona Render engine is CPU based. But why isn't it usign the GPU cuda cores acting as CPU cores?


Nejc Kilar:
Hi there!

Except for denoising purposes (Nvidia AI denoiser only) your GPU won't be utilized during rendering with Corona. 3ds Max / C4D will use it to display the viewport but it will by no means help you render faster - Corona is a CPU rendering engine and you can't "repurpose" GPU cores to be used as CPU ones because they work in a completely different way.

Ok, thanks for the information.



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