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I need some help with making a material with the effect of letterpress. The effect I am getting using displacement with corona distance map looks chiseled where I need it to look soft/smooth. I've tried playing around with falloff maps but could not get it to work. Basically it should look like if a blurred displacement map with the logo was used on the surface. The red line is what the transition looks like, the green line is what I want.

Thank you.

Hello, lately I've been reading about linear workflow and doing post processing of 32 bit .exr files. I understand Photoshop comes with its limitations but I was wondering if the following behavior is normal. Whenever I export a 32 bit .exr file from CIE or VFB and then open it with PS there is a noticeable difference between the two. The .exr in PS is much darker.

Please see the attached image.

I am trying to align Corona Sun with the sun in an HDRI but I ran into a strange problem. When I put the HDRI in the Environment slot and use it as the environment background in my viewport the HDRI is rotated 90 degrees however the render displays the HDRI correctly. This has probably more to do with 3ds Max than Corona but maybe someone here can help me out.

Please see the attached image.

As you can see the interactive render is showing the HDRI correctly but in the perspective viewport it is showing the floor of the HDRI.

I have two poly objects (walls) in my scene which have the same material applied. I have a UVW map on both of them with the map channel the same as the material's/maps. When I render the scene the light shadow breaks differently on these two objects. Please see the attached images. I created the first object earlier today, made the material and just now created the second object and applied the same material.

I have the RGB Level set to 0.3 in the Normal bump map of my material which creates a soft shadow on my first object. If I set it to 1.0 the shadow becomes sharp just like in the second object.
However with the exactly same material applied, the second object always has a hard shadow projected on to it even with the RGB Level set to 0.3.

I cant' figure out what is going on here, the object themselves have the same Object properties and are placed on the same position.

There is also another problem with the second object. The top right area where the light hits it is always overexposed even if I bring the RGB Level of the Diffuse map to 0.5 (third picture). With the same material applied on my second and newly made objects (walls) the reflections on my main object (car) become overexposed. It really messes it up. I am using Corona Sun.

1.jpg - first object
2.jpg - second object
3.jpg - second object overexposed (Diffuse RGB 0.5)

Thanks for the help.

Not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this issue has already been resolved. I have a scene with an object and a backplate set up. I need to match the sun/object's exposure to the backplate. I created Corona Sun and added the skylight map into corona environment slot. My object immediately becomes overexposed. If I change the exposure in Corona render window to -6.0 I get a fairly normal looking object with appropriate exposure. (like this person here

The first problem is that my backplate (obviously) also changes its exposure to -6.0 and now I can't match the two exposures (the object and the backplate).

The second problem is that after I change the exposure to -6.0 and then edit any kind of parameter either in Corona Sky or in the Corona Skylight map the exposure of my object jumps back to it's original overexposed value. I then have to set my global exposure to -12 to get the correct exposure again and so forth. It's impossible to work like this.

I've tried using Corona Output to regulate the exposure of the Skylight map but I get completely different and incorrect exposure.

If I use 3ds Max's sun system everything seems to work fine.

I hope someone can help me with this issue. Thank you so much.

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