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Motion Blur Question


I'm running MacOS 12.1 Monterey and Corona v8.

I know for years, Corona has had bugs with Mograph and Motion Blur. I figured I'd try out a little motion blur again, but using Scatter.

In this image, the car is animated in a straight line enough to get the blur. The camera is a child of the car so obviously moves right along with it.

Looks like the Scattered clones are blurred as they should be. As well as the road object. Where I have a question is the car. I set the blur to be Enable Camera. In my photographer head, this should blur everything EXCEPT the car since the car is "still" relative to the camera, but as you can see, the car is also blurred. Am I thinking about this wrong as far as Corona goes? Am I missing something?

Try with both, camera and object motion blur. If object MB is off, then the movement of the car is not calculated, so it has no velocity from the motion blurs point of view, thus also the relative movement between cam and car is not zero.

Good Luck

Well you're a genius. Ha. Here I am trying to speed up the render by not turning on the Object setting. I slowed the shutter a lot more This is very cool. Thanks for the help!

Your tyres are not spinning :]


--- Quote from: romullus on 2022-05-16, 18:56:09 ---Your tyres are not spinning :]

--- End quote ---

Ha. That is correct. A simple test for the other motion blur since that's where Corona failed in the past. I did add a little radial blur in Photoshop, but not enough.


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