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[Max] I need help! / Corona material scale/units?
« on: 2021-06-29, 10:34:26 »

I am pretty new at using Corona, and I have a problem with the scale of my materials. When I assign a material from the Corona Material Library it appears to be waaaay to large on the object. When I then open the material editor and change the size of the bitmap, from ie. 4000 mm to 7 mm it looks much more correct. However, that means I have to change several parameters and cannot use the materials as they are in the library.

I have tried using a model imported from Revit, and also made a new inside 3ds Max - both have the problem. If I measure an objects dimensions, it has the size that I expect it to have, so the scale of the model seems to be correct.

I have enabled 'Use real-world scale' if that matters and have also tried with it disabled.

I am using 3ds Max 2022 and Corona 6 (Hotfix 2)

I hope someone knows how to fix this :) If you need pictures I can upload some

Best regards Emilie

[Max] I need help! / Materials not loading?
« on: 2021-06-14, 11:55:33 »

So I am new at using Corona, and I have a problem with Corona materials. They appear very blurry in the scene both before and after rendering.

In the material editor the materials are half red half blue, and the connected Corona Bitmaps are half red half green. Also the material previews does not always appear. What does this mean? I have tried to reload bitmaps with no change.

I could not find any help on Google, probably because I dont really know what kind of problem to look for... however any tutorial etc that I have seen, has never shown these red/green materials.

Hope there's a simply solution

Thank you

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