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are you on S26?
As a workaround, Stefan-L has a nice xpresso setup here

since there is still no fix, maybe you can post your sky setup in the "[C4D] Corona Goodies - User Contributions" section,
so it's easier to find?

Hi BigAl3D, same outcome if rendered from mesh. I think the TR issue is related to the immutable shader.
My COSMOS assets get saved to a server that all nodes can access, but maybe they need to live on the main machine to be send to TR.
Are you by any chance already on V9 daily? When you have a minute, can you try to TR the 'Purple Willow 001" or any other asset that uses the mystery immutable shader?
Trying to figure out if this is related to my setup.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: How to solo node?
« on: 2022-05-30, 00:36:44 »
I mean if you already know what all of your materials look like beforehand, then you probably aren't the target audience for this functionality.
What I was trying to say, I don’t need to review every material I apply to a new model in IR, but I do need to see in the viewport how this material is mapped.
Just trying to point out the workflow difference betw “solo mode” that renders and a “solo mode” that just shows in viewport.
This applies mostly to metal and glass that don’t give you any representation in the viewport. I do it the painful way and copy bump or roughness shader to diffuse. With the legacy mtl I untick all except diff, make mapping adjustment in the viewport and then turn all back on. Of course you need to set preview size to your bump map size to get a useful viewport preview.
I usually leave the bump shader in diffuse (unticked) for later use. This works in legacy but not in physical.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: How to solo node?
« on: 2022-05-27, 20:30:59 »
…you will only see a simple Noise Texture render in LV.
activate solo node, and it will allow me to preview only the noise texture and how it is mapped onto my object live in the IR viewport.

This might be good for a IR workflow but who has time for that? I think the way c4d mtls have the “viewport display” options can be a faster workflow in general.
For example I create my stainless steel with micro scratches in bump, select bump as viewport display and save mtl in asset browser.
Next time I apply this mtl it shows me bump mapping in the viewport, I can quickly adjust mapping and move on. No need to go back into the material and “un-solo” anything for rendering. This would be a huge timesaver!
Not sure how most people work, but when I work in fairly detailed interior/ exterior scenes I never use IR. I know how my materials look in final render, I just need to quickly see that they are mapped correctly.

Purple Willow 001
Preview flipped, renders correctly, but maybe bump reversed?
TR shows faint leaves - nodes can't access these "immutable shaders"?
Happens to other assets w/ immutable shaders.

Can we assume your are not missing textures for these assets? I haven't used Cosmos with TR yet, but that was my first though. If the materials are there, what happens if you convert the Proxy to mesh?
I would have said yes, the textures are there, they render on single machine but not in TR
Then I checked to make sure, and now I don't know anymore...
See screenshot attached. …immutable shader what??? No idea what this means.
That "mystery shader" does not show up in asset inspector.

In the middle of a project that hopefully finalizes next week. Will try V9 daily then.
In general, is this related to the corona engine or could a cosmos browser update fix issues too? 
It looks like the leaf mapping is flipped 180°?

I’m late to the V8 game, so this is probably a known bug, but some assets render correctly on single machine but not in TR.
That’s a real joy, when you are pressed for time and use Cosmos assets - do a quick low res single machine render and then a full rez TR render overnight.
How fun when the next morning half your garden was rendered with the “nuclear winter pro" preset… There goes your deadline. 
This seems to happen to assets that use the opacity layer.
macOS 10.15.7 / S24/ V8

Please name the Cosmos browser window.
At least on macOs the browser window does not show up in C4D>Window or the dock icon context menu.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Mac Studio Experience?
« on: 2022-05-13, 19:41:54 »
Then at reopening the Cosmos browser I get a white window without assets.
Same on Intel mac. Sometimes just blank for 10-30+ mins then suddenly loads.
I always thought the server is overwhelmed. Search still kills C4D completely.
I gave up on the constant updates when opening, because always something funky going on after update.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Chaos license server
« on: 2022-05-10, 15:36:28 »
The forum works better than support ;-)
Ticket ID #37805

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Chaos license server
« on: 2022-05-10, 15:08:36 »
Hmm, contacting support to get a lic server working? Did you maybe make it too complicated?
Anyways, I opened a ticket just to be on file that this should work easier from the start.
We know that's possible since it worked flawlessly pre-Chaos.

How did you guys get to activate TR nodes? Is editing the vrclient.xml file the only way?

What throws me off is:
From Troubleshooting: If you can't find the vrclient.xml file, please reinstall the Chaos License Server as instructed here...
Does the xml file get installed or generated during install?
Essentially this is just a txt file that I could create and paste into .ChaosGroup
Where can I copy the vrclient.xml text and does it live in .ChaosGroup root (on mac)?

EDIT: Ticket ID #37805
What's the usual support response time? I submitted this morning at 7am / 1pm Euro time -
Now it's 9:30am / 3:30pm and you guys are getting ready to hit happy hour...
No response so far...

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Chaos license server
« on: 2022-05-09, 22:08:38 »
My lic server mac is too old to install full Corona V8, so I got the lic server from chaos. 
I can install and http://localhost:30304/  lets me sign in and “activate’ but can’t activate render nodes.
I don’t have the vrlclient.xml in /Users/<USER_NAME>/.ChaosGroup/
Just the files in screenshot attached.
Is “vrlclient.xml” a hidden file or in another location?
How do you activate render nodes? The “help portal” sends me into a “If you can't find the vrclient.xml file, please reinstall the Chaos License Server” loop…
I have been using the corona lic server without any issues for years, but now it’s all... Chaos.
Even the TR console says “Plugin successfully loaded”  but TR later terminates with “ [Corona4D] Rendering was cancelled - Corona is not activated!”. In V7 when lic server wasn’t running TR console showed you a “Plugin not activated” msg. 

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Mac Studio Experience?
« on: 2022-05-09, 18:02:49 »
Hi frv
ah ok, SL stands for passes. That makes more sense than noise level…
I saw your benchmark test but you forgot that corona benchmark runs in rosetta not M1 native - big difference.
We ran a bunch of test in the “Corona for Apple Silicon M1?” thread
The Ultra running M1 native corona would score somewhere in the 10M rays/s not 6.7M r/s as in rosetta.
If you are interested you can find test & results here.

If someone “suffered” the last 10 years with “slow” render speeds on macOs and now that M1 (and soon M2) is out concludes that it’s time to go PC… well, that does not make a whole lot of sense to me.
For me, seeing how well M1 ultra performs was just to evaluate if it’s time to go Silicon or stick with Intel Mac just a little longer.

One thing that remains the same since forever, is that many tasks are “single core” .
Squeezing significantly more performance out of a single core is probably unrealistic on x86 or arm. Unless these processes can be converted to multi core, I don’t think we’ll see much real world workflow speedups in the foreseeable future.
Even in max, people choose the 32 core ripper over the 64 core for better single core performance.

“I must say as well the Mac Studio Ultra is a thrill to work with.” …I would say go with your gut feeling and leave the Windows BS (BS stands for amazing render speed) to others.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: HDRI as Backplate
« on: 2022-05-06, 22:19:35 »
Not sure what your expectation for “the Sky Object is not moving along with the camera properly” is, but that should not be your main concern.
I would be more worried about the astroid hurtling towards earth, headed straight for your balcony.
Since it’s as bright as the sun, it’s burning up in the atmosphere and probably too close for you to make it to a safe place in time.
Sorry, I couldn’t be more helpful.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Mac Studio Experience?
« on: 2022-05-06, 18:24:40 »
Hi frv,
thanks for sharing your experience with Studio Ultra and C4D/CR.
Remind us what "SL 10 -15" stands for? Is that noise level?

I was wondering if you create your bldg models in a CAD app and how this might see benefits using M1 Ultra.
We build our 3D models in Archicad from .dwg files and I believe vector calculations in CAD apps are largely single core. In large, very detailed plans this can slow down the line redraw by a lot. I’m not sure how much this process relies on CPU and/or GPU, but I think it’s mostly CPU.
If the M1 Ultra has access to 128GB of ultra fast ram, I imagine vector line redraws are extremely fast too?
Do you see some large “real world” improvements in CAD apps even when running in Rosetta?
For context, our CAD hack-mac uses a GTX 1080TI 8GB / I9 9900K / 32GB RAM.

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