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[C4D] I need help! / Texture turns black when stacked
« on: 2022-03-26, 21:18:20 »
When I ad a second texture on top of a material, the material below turns black.
Also it seems not possible to show multiple graphics next to each other.

Here how it should look (with C4D materials) vs. how it looks with Corona materials:

Any solution for this behaviour? It's nearly impossible to create graphical jobs this way.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / NaN in every single project
« on: 2022-01-25, 14:40:34 »
Meanwhile I get those NaN errors in every single new project. As soon as the project becomes a bit more complex, the error will show up.
It's so annoying. Every now and then I find out what it is. Mostly a geometry that corona doesn't like.
At the moment I'm lost once again.
Definitely something that I never had in earlier Corona versions.

[C4D] I need help! / Artifacts in renders
« on: 2021-11-16, 11:11:15 »

I very often get such annoying artifacts in my architecture visualizations:

This never happened with older versions. I would say it started with V6, but I'm not sure.
I tried to rebuild this part, or changed the lighting, but this only changes the look and does not solve the problem.
Troubleshooting is also not easy, as the artifacts also change depending on the resolution or if I only use region-rendering of this part.

Any ideas?

Using a background image in the Corona scene environment doesn't work with DOF. It get's too blurry.
A switch to turn off DOF calculation on background images would be great.


I often use background images for my architectural renderings. (via Corona scene environment or the Cinema 4D background object)
The problem is: As soon as I use DOF, the background image becomes totally blurry.
Physically this isn't correct as it happens also at F11, focused at 8-9 meters. A real photograph would be sharp until infinity.

Is there a way to exclude the DOF calculation from the background image?
I know the workarounds with alpha channel or the ZDepth map, but it would be nice to get the image rendered correctly in the first place.



There is a Lightmix Bug in the Corona Image Editor.

This happens with different scenes/projects on both my Macs:

1. Open a CXR file in the Corona Image Editor
2. Change the value of any light source (for example the sky) in the LightMix

Result: Another random light will turn off completely. And stays off until I quit the application and
reopen the CXR file.

This only happens in the Corona Image Editor, not in the Corona VFB.
But the Corona Image Editor is no longer suitable for production this way.
(Is it possible to install an earlier version of the application? It never happened before)

Sample nr. 1:
In the hotel room, i changed the value of the Corona Sky and one light bulb turns off.

Sample nr. 2:
I change the value of the light on the welcome desk and the light-tube turns off.

Mac Pro 5,1, 12 Core, 64 GB RAM
OSX 10.14.5  Mojave
Cinema 4D R20, Corona 5 hotfix 2

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