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Inspired by Bertrand's "sad doodles" I made couple (rather useless) procedural metal/rock/meteorite type of renders.
For more visit:

proc_1 by Two Heads, on Flickr

proc_4 by Two Heads, on Flickr

c&c are warmly welcome!

« on: 2021-03-11, 13:07:07 »
Hello there! ;)

Just few renders to share, simple studio setup.


check out my behance and facebook page for more:

salif_wide_1 by Two Heads, on Flickr

salif_wide_2 by Two Heads, on Flickr

salif_wide_3 by Two Heads, on Flickr

salif_wide_4 by Two Heads, on Flickr

Hardware / 3dsmax 2016 + 4K monitor
« on: 2019-09-20, 21:52:20 »
hi guys,

  I was wondering if some of you have faced problem with 4K monitor and 3dsmax 2016. I've heard that there are some issues with viewport performance (font size, ratio..etc) is that true?
I plan to upgrade my monitors so any advice is priceless to me.

Thanks in advance

[Max] I need help! / reflection excluding by object
« on: 2019-06-16, 19:17:39 »
Hey guys,

Is there a way to make an object visible in reflections just for specific object?


Gallery / For All Audiophiles
« on: 2019-06-11, 22:05:33 »
Hello guys, long time no see!

This time I bring a little bit of sound. Stuff you can see below is made for audiophile fullrange speaker manufacturer Cube Audio (
I had the opportunity to work with real speakers and photos as reference, speaker's code name is F10 NEO. Currently I'm working on loudspeaker setup (more to come in near future).

Made in 3dsmax and corona 3.0 (obviously) + little bit of Arion FX and affinity photo.

Tell me what do you think!


1_cube_f10_front by Two Heads, on Flickr

2_cube_f10_left by Two Heads, on Flickr

3_cube_f10_back by Two Heads, on Flickr

4_cube_f10_cap by Two Heads, on Flickr

5_cube_f10_wires by Two Heads, on Flickr

6_cube_f10_plate by Two Heads, on Flickr

1_cube wire by Two Heads, on Flickr

2_cube wire by Two Heads, on Flickr

3_cube wire by Two Heads, on Flickr

4_cube wire by Two Heads, on Flickr

5_cube wire by Two Heads, on Flickr

6_cube wire by Two Heads, on Flickr

7_cube wire by Two Heads, on Flickr

[Max] Resolved Bugs / 3dsmax fail to start - corona related
« on: 2015-03-02, 09:22:51 »
Hi there!

  Yesturday everything was absolutely fine, but today I get an error on startup (it stops loading files during startup on corona dlr) After uninstalling corona with Corona3dsmaxRemove everything returns to normal. tried few times to install and uninstall corona with same result, any idea?


 When CameraMod is applied to camera it locks the VFB controls, is this going to be permanent in 1.0 version? ......Just asking


Maybe I'm doing something wrong but is this normal that I can't control exposure in real time during rendering as I did in 7.2?

Gallery / pendant lamps by Toscot
« on: 2015-02-06, 00:19:43 »
Hello again guys!

  This time I'd like to share few renders of pendant lamps by Italian manufacturer Toscot.
Just in case You ask...I used only photos as reference, thats why these are not perfectly identical to the original lamps, but quite close I guess? (80%, 85%? ;))
Hope You enjoy it!

as always, C&C are warmly welcome


PS: You can see originals on manufacurer's website.

toscot_torino_lamps_f1 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

toscot_torino_lamps_f2 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

toscot_torino_lamps_f3 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

Gallery / free time kitchen
« on: 2014-12-27, 13:35:12 »

 I'd like to share my last few renders....sort of "free time kitchen study"
 All done in 3dsmax + photoshop.

 Comments and Criticism are warmly welcome, especially last one.


kitchen_brick_f1 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

kitchen_brick_f2 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

kitchen_brick_f3 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

kitchen_brick_f4 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

kitchen_brick_f5 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

kitchen_brick_f6 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

kitchen_brick_f7 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

Gallery / wooden interior
« on: 2014-12-17, 15:36:50 »
Good afternoon!

As a new user I'd like to say "hello" and share my last few images.

This is my first attempt to corona renderer and I love it. I wanted to try out this engine and It was a "test drive" please be gentle ;)

 inspired by Villa Wienberg by Friis & Moltke + Wienberg Architects. Original amazing photos by Mikkel Rahr Mortensen & Gitte Kjær.

wooden_interior_1 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

wooden_interior_2 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

wooden_interior_3 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

wooden_interior_4 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

wooden_interior_5 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

wooden_interior_6 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

wooden_interior_7 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

wooden_interior_8 by twoheadscom, on Flickr

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