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This is my general thread with work in progress, links to projects, stuff about workshops or just general ramblings. Over the years it's bit convoluted here..

Feel free to ask anything concerning my imagery/workflow. I don't keep any secrets and I am very happy to answer "almost" everything.
(Please don't ask me to share my scenes, I am not comfortable doing that currently in any form)

If you're interested in my general advice about lighting and image creation, I've put a lot of effort into this article to cover it:

I also made two videos for Intel here:

awesome! can you please share your metal material settings with us via jpgs? thanks

I'll start by small SMEG oven :- D Little thing I had to make, since my traditional Miele combo wasn't hip enough. But this design is pretty cool too, minimal, and not so hipster retro-ish like some usual Smeg stuff.  I like how fast I can get very correct result using path tracing and studio HDRi in progressive render. It's instant visual feedback, and that makes setting up materials very fast.
Rendered using Alpha5 RC8, so far so good, haven't tested anything yet much.


--- Quote from: yagi on 2013-06-12, 08:03:38 ---awesome! can you please share your metal material settings with us via jpgs? thanks

--- End quote ---

Dark diffuse with slight microstripes; Tiles 2048px jpeg

Specular with slight microstripes; Tiles 2048px jpeg; For clean reflection, just use single color ;- )

Material Settings : Fresnel IOR:40, Reflection: Texture, or color, Anisotrophy:0,4 (weak), rotation 90, Glossiness: 0,9 (just experimental)

Nothing else :- )

With little time, we had to create Bonaldo Tufty-time sofa in cloth finish. It's kind of hard, even for Marvelous, but I am quite happy with result like this. Courtesy to Veronika

Already playing with Alpha5. Funny my scene didn't render correctly, so I opted for merging into new scene, and than it rendered correctly again. Filtering Yes or No still cause me some confusion, so at the moment, all maps are unfiltered at 0.1 except for bump which is filtered at 0.1 on summed area.

I guess also bidirectional isn't suitable for this type of scene ? It seems impressively noisy compared to simple path tracing, so I guess it benefits only for much complicated lightning ? Little light sources and caustics,etc.

Still incredibly happy for this renderer.


Final version :

(Edit: Full project can be seen here: )


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