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reflection artifacts behind refracted glass

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I had this issue some time ago, but it seems to reappear on random basis. Any material, any angle. Sometimes it goes away automatically..

Anyone had similar encounter ? It's not because of specular maps, the bug appears (although in smaller fashion) even if only diffuse is used. Third screenshot shows it on completely matte surface.

Simply hiding glass in windows makes issue go away.

Also making the glass "thin" solves it, so that ties this to refraction, but which I need.

To me this looks like this (first point):
Temporary workaround is to use thin glass or rayswitch (I'm about to check it and write more detailed instructions).
All I can say is I hope this gets fixed soon...

A really nasty bug. Working around this with thin glass is not viable in some cases so a fix would be highly appreciated!

Quick workaround. But it's not perfect. The glass is simply invisible in reflections...


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