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Dalton Watts:
Hello guys,

Can you elaborate on what is being planned for the new VFB skin and functionality? Are we moving towards a more vray-ish VFB? I would love that! With VFB editing capabilities like Cryptomate masks along with shadow/highlight clipping warnings, and a more flexible and dynamic VFB regarding window sizes.


We can't elaborate yet, sorry. What I can say is there are no plans for cryptomatte masks inside the VFB, certainly not for 12 anyway. Beyond that, we have a long list, and we are aiming to see how far (very far, not far at all?)  we get through it, so we don't want to over or under state things by giving a set of plans for now. The main focus is on the UI rework, streamlining, better performance, and then we'll see what features make it in. This will be a "watch the daily builds" scenario by and large. Hope this helps!

I was really hoping that the new VFB could handle cryptomatte masks in Corona 12.
And what about render history? This tool really needs more presence, its practically unusable right now.

As mentioned, we're not giving a feature list just yet, and will mostly reveal what features are being included when they come out in a daily. This is to save under or over stating what will / will not be included.

Understood, thanks for answering, its really to soon to talk about it anyway, keep up the hard work


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