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Noise on bump NaN error window on viewport IR

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Hi Flavious, it would be best if you can start a ticket with us or if you want, I can also do it for you.

NaNs are now happening to me on both my computers with Corona 11 - it happens mostly in denoising phase, but also in IR. I was testing many scenarios, material overide without any maps and it always appears. Only solution working is not to use Light mix......which is not pleasant thing

I have a similar problem sometimes. I noticed that this is after creating a chrome material. On the other hand, I can continue to work, I just have the error message that comes back when I restart an interactive rendering.

Yes when I imported some models with metal materials (from corona cosmos for example the white earphones without cable) then the NaN was there everytime either IR or denoise phase.

I confirm. With the transition to 11 Corona, I started getting random NaN errors. Moreover, they can be caught even on stage in gray material. And the more complex the scene, the longer you work in it, the more often you catch the NaN bug.
The same thing happens in 11.1 Corona. The error is present on all 3 of my computers.

For all those who are trying to catch this bug: I did not find any patterns that would help catch it. It's like random. Relatively speaking, I can work in a complex scene with a lot of suns and artificial light and everything will be ok, but I’ll catch NaN in some kind of closed corridor, which is essentially just a box. And vice versa.


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