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Hello Evryone,
Since I've installed the last version of 3DsMax and Chaos Corona Renderer 11 I'm facing a problem regarding scenes where I use a simple setup (Sun+Sky). Everytime I close a scene and re-open it I see that the target of the sun ramain in place but the sun is moved from the initial position. I've alredy tried to lock Sun and target position/rotation/scale but didn't find the solution. Do someone have an idea of what's happening?
I attach here some screenshot.

Did you check if there's animation keys on the sun and its target, or maybe if their hierarchically linked to something else, other than target to the sun? Also check motion panel for any assigned controllers. Alternatively you could try to create new Corona sun and see if it acts normally. If all that fails, please strip away the scene from any unnecessary assets and attach it here, so someone could take a look at it.

Hello Romullus,
Yes I've already checked everythig regarding animation key frame or linked object to the sun or target but I haven't found something. I've also tried to keep only the walls and the sun and this happen averytime I close and re-open the scene.
I found this solution bout i doesn't work if I render on sleave.. Mooving a bit the sun and clicking CTR+Z the sun goes to the right position. If i render locally it works but if i send the render to another machine the sun goes in wrong position.
This happen also i new scenes made from zero.
Any other suggestions? :)
Thanks in advance

Can you attach to the message the scene with just a Corona sun in it? Assuming that the issue is still present in it.

Yes sure, here attached you can find the scene with only the sun.
I've tried also to delete the sun making a new one but the problem remain
In the screenshot you will see what happen when I save/close/re-open the file.. the target remain in place but the sun is in the wrong direction.


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