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Corona 10 Coronabitmap will doesn't change the ticker for gamma settings

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Corona bitmap in Corona 10 in 3ds max 2024 the ticker for gamma and automatic will not change. The bitmap changes but the ticker is not. So if you want to change from SRGB to linear and back, you have to guess which Corona is sticking with. Its not buggy in 3ds max default bitmap node, only in corona bitmaps.

TO reproduce, just add a corona bitmap to gamma 1 and then open it a second time, you will see it has reverted back to automatic despite not changing the image to automatic.


I can't replicate this issue on my machine (3ds Max 2023, Corona 10).
I created a new CoronaBitmap, loaded a bitmap choosing 'Override 1.0', then when I click on 'Load map' I see the 'Override 1.0' radio button is still checked.


I was able to reproduce this issue and have logged it in our system for our devs to review.

(Internal ID=1161179758)


--- Quote from: Tom on 2023-07-18, 04:13:35 ---I can't replicate this issue on my machine (3ds Max 2023, Corona 10).

--- End quote ---

It affects only Max 2024 (with its new "Data Image" button...) + CBitmap.

Good Luck

Holy crap, this bug is annoying me since the day i switched to Max 2024, but it never occurred to me that it's related to Cbitmap, maybe because i rarely use old bitmap anymore.


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