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Give me some feedback pls!


This is my renders, i hope you can give me some feedback about anything to improve my work
Thank you very much !
(The idea of design from Pinterest)

To my eye, this looks fantastic and very believable as far as the rendering goes. At least in my brain, I'm used to seeing some sort of baseboard molding, but that could be a design choice. Curious what that seam is under the dining table?

Maybe I would add a little bit more reflection to the floor. Right now, it's extremely flat finish.

Thank you so much for your feedback! Im so glad to hear from you!
The dark line on the floor is the mistake when i created the plane.
And you are right! The floor looks so flat, i will adjust it.
Hope to see you more!

Random thoughts:
- the image is realistic - good job! (materials, lighting)
- the tree in the corner looks like some kind of forest tree (oak?) and it seems kind of out of place (may be wrong though)
- the view behind the window lacks detail - adding some kind of simple houses farther away, more trees, or some kind of background image would help (maybe just an HDRI?)
- the composition seems very "random" - the cupboard close to the camera seems huuuge, you are showing everything at once - all the possible furniture, windows, curtains, floor, ceiling - maybe focusing on a smaller, more interesting part of the scene would work better?
- the pomegranates look tiny (it may be an illusion)


Hey! Thank you so much the feedback!
I'm so glad to read them.
You are absolutely right, I was just trying to show everything in one view and I didn't notice about what is priority and main object. I will focus on the interesting part in next render!
Also noted the rest what you mentioned above, they are really helpful for a beginner like me. I will learn from them and try to do a better one in the next time and can not wait to see your next feedback in the future!
Hope to see you again and once again thanks so much for supportive helpful feedback!


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