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I'm a big fan of speeding up my workflow as much as possible... I'm not great with scripting but I get by with basic skills.

One thing I've never been able to figure out is how to make a multi-command script (accessible by toolbar button OR hotkey OR both?) is:
 - (with selected object)
 - Reset Xref, then
 - Collapse, then
 - Convert to Edit Poly

I find myself doing this hundreds of times when setting up a new imported file.

Does this tool exist? If not, are there any super smart scripters out there that can quickly help me out?

Thanks for any tips!

James Vella:
I assume you mean Reset Xform instead of Reset Xref?

You could do this for multiple objects by using this code:

--- Code: ---for obj in selection do
  ResetXForm obj
  ConvertToPoly obj

--- End code ---

Copy this into your Maxscript editor:

Then drag and drop to your toolbar, it will create a button

You can then right click on that button, change the icon/name etc.

Hi James - you are indeed right with your assumption... ugh I'm obviously tired...

I'll test this out and let you know how I go. A million thanks for the help mate!

James Vella:
No probs

Oddly enough, every time I drag into the toolbar Max decides to crash.

I've made previous little script toolbar buttons with the following code (and adding the toolbar button via the settings)

macroScript 'NAME'
( code here

I tried adapting this with your code but getting errors.

Any idea where I'm going wrong?


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