Author Topic: UVW randomizer optomisation  (Read 496 times)

2022-07-05, 11:13:48


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I'm a big fan of the node UVW randomizer but I have to admit it's a pain to use it on multi slots shader as I have to first duplicate the UVWR node for all of the maps (to keep the seed etc), then if change is needed I have to correct it in every node again...

I think the Vray UVWR node got recently updated to be plugged in the entrance slot of a Vraybitmap so you can change all of the connected maps in one time.

So in Corona, do I do it wrong ? Is there a turn-around to avoid this repetitive task as I do ?

Thanks !


2022-07-05, 11:20:06
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Hi, currently a solution to this is only implemented in the Corona Color Correct map. It accepts a "master" controller which can be plugged into multiple nodes.
We would also like to implement this in other nodes such as UVW Randomizer and Triplanar map.

The only workaround I can suggest for now is using the 3ds Max controllers

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2022-07-08, 17:00:26
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yes, please! this is very helpful function. It would be really great to have some connection function for CoronaBitmap! So we can plug "Master" UVW or Triplanar nodes there...
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