Author Topic: internal error wxWidgets  (Read 608 times)

2022-04-22, 14:33:28


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I have been getting this error for a long time, version 6, 7 and 8. It's random, in small or big scenes, it doesn't matter. Sometimes it happens several times on the same day, sometimes days or weeks go by without it happening. But it always happens during rendering, when trying to zoom, or display a postprocess parameter, the mouse click doesn't work, and this error appears. If I wait a while, everything goes back to normal, and everything works correctly again.

2022-04-27, 12:55:24
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This is a very strange error which we have not been able to consistently reproduce. If you have a scene where this happens consistently would you be able to send it over?

Secondly, are you doing something else in the background? I.e. switching to a browser/other software from time to time?


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