Author Topic: Disable Render Region in Render Settings  (Read 1979 times)

2022-02-08, 09:57:37


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Since I experience this more and more while rendering on our renderfarm, here is a (hopefully small) request:

As right now, render region can only be disabled/removed in the corona VFB. Would it be possible to integrate a checkbox or something in the rendersettings itseslf, with wich one can simply disable render region (RR)?

The reason for my request is, that i don't see if RR is enabled or not, without opening the corona VFB and start rendering. Since i use our internal renderfarm with the maxon team render server, I set my rendersettings as usual and upload the c4d file to the server. When i used RR before for some local testrenderings and forgot to disable it again, the renderserver will take it into account.
This is pretty annoying, especially on very big renders because with the renderserver i don't see the result until the render has finished.

I hope my request makes any sense. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask ;)


2022-02-08, 12:02:03
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Ive had this happen to me as well, fortunately I always do a 3 frame test render on Rebus, so I catch them, but it does add time to the whole process.
Ideally, there would be separate render regions for IR and Final renders. Maybe, if possible, even a popup saying you have render region enabled before it starts rendering.

2022-02-17, 10:42:16
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we have logged this internally as a feature request.
(Internal ID=841044900)

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