Author Topic: Looking for feedback of an interior render  (Read 271 times)

2022-01-21, 20:03:01


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Hi all,just looking for any tips and tricks to improve this scene.Any critique is welcome.Thank you!

2022-01-22, 00:19:00
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Hmmm, technically there is nothing wrong with it; practically speaking however there are a bunch of strange things going on with your scene.

Right now it doesn't feel like a real space. It feels like a hodgepodge of random models added in to fill a space.

For example:
-what's the reason for the tiled area in the room? It doesn't seem to serve any purpose. (also it is extremely unlikely anyone would make a tile backsplash that extends on to the ceiling like that unless its in a shower.)
-your tiles in that tiled area all have varying dimensions and the grout lines don't line up in many places.
-it looks like you also have a structural beam with lighting coming out of it? this wouldn't happen in reality.
-it's strange there is a random bucket chair by itself in the middle of the room.
-Would people living in this space really put a bunch of vases on the floor in front of their doors and taking up floorspace?
-Would they also have a standalone one jacket coat rack that is taking up prime floor space?
-Is there a reason for the dropped ceiling near the end of the room? Usually in construction, dropped ceilings are added because they can't drill into a slab to add ceiling lighting.
-the door surrounds look awfully thick, it would be beneficial to do some common measurement research on things like that.

Like I said technically it looks fine, I think you would benefit greatly by doing some research on how residential spaces are constructed in reality though.

I like to research by looking at precedent photos of similar spaces of the one I am working on and take notes of details that I can incorporate later.

Hope this helps!

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