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Multi-cultural 3D people


Hi all,

I have a busy London streetscape 3d scene in the works.

A constant comment I'm getting from the client is that the majority of the 3d people are white! Which is fair enough, especially for a multi-cultural place like London. (The scene is a mix of 360's and many different camera angles so I don't want to be putting in 2d Photoshopped people.)

I'm looking for tips if anyone knows a good resource to acquire (legally) reasonably priced, reasonably good 3D people of mixed ethnicities? I see places like HumanAlloy have about 1 non-white person in each of their 5-pack basics, but as I already have about 200 white people (thanks to Humano) I'm looking for a better option.

Any leads? Much appreciated!

Edit: the resources I've checked: HumanAlloy, Humano, RenderPeople

AXYZ - Anima
check under "Ethnicity"

Ah, yes. This is the best I've seen yet (not in terms of quality... will see)

Thanks mate!

np, you're welcome!

or alternatively, you can make your own diverse ppl with daz


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