Author Topic: Free Tree/Shrubs/Plants Pack  (Read 425 times)

2021-11-17, 18:26:51


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Just found out about this site giving away a free pack of 90 (think) models including Max with Corona materials. I haven't opened it yet, but they look very nice. Just have to register, no surprise there.

Edit: Turns out only the Max files come with Corona materials, but all the pieces are there to build them yourself and see how close the converter gets. They are fairly low resolution textures, but the price is right.
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2021-11-17, 19:11:15
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Great finding!!! Thank you!!

2021-11-17, 19:14:02
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Very nice objects with properly done materials.

Thanks a lot for the link!

2021-11-17, 23:52:04
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Thanks for link
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2021-11-19, 12:42:57
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Hi BigAl3D,
thanks for sharing!
Turns out only the Max files come with Corona materials,
Are you sure you downloaded the right files? There is "MT_PM_V60_C4D_Corona.7z" in the c4d download section.
I think tex resolution is more than enough. Great sample pack!

2021-12-04, 20:18:11
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@jojorender I'm dumb. You are 100% correct. There is a set of C4D with Corona materials ready to render, as long as you also have the textures. I missed it when I made this post, but then found I had already downloaded the Corona version a few weeks back.

I also had looked up the common names for these since by degree in botany is non-existant.

Grass_MT_PM_V60_Ammophila_arenaria_Marram Grass
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Cynodon_dactylon_Bermuda Grass
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Cyperus_eragrostis_Tall Flatsedge
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Digitaria_sanguinalis_Hairy Crabgrass
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Lolium_perenne_Perennial Ryegrass
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Ophiopogon_bodinieri_Perenial Grass
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Setaria_viridis_beauv_Green Foxtail
Shhrub_MT_PM_V60_Allium_canadense_Wild Garlic
Shrub_MT_PM_V60_Abelia_grandiflora_Glossy Abelia
Shrub_MT_PM_V60_Agave_sisalana_Agave Plant.FBX
Shrub_MT_PM_V60_Campsis_grandiflora_Chinese Trumpet Creeper
ShrubMT_PM_V60_Cistus_albidus_Rock Rose
Tree_MT_PM_V60_Acer_buergerianum_Trident Maple