Author Topic: Corona Multi Shader - Noise Pattern?  (Read 466 times)

2021-11-14, 02:08:12


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Hi all,

First of all I am relatively new to C4D so excuse me if I am missing something obvious. I think I am close to solving my problem.

I am have been rendering some grass fields lately and using Corna Multi Shader to create some color variation in the grass.
Problem is the color variation is too random, making the patches of grass (each one is a separate mesh object) too noticeable.

I figured that what I need is for the Multi Shader to work with a Noise Mask somehow. I managed to paint my grass with a Shader Effector to better show what I am after:

You can see that when using the multi shader the distribution of green and red is totally random, which is not good for grass.

Is there some way to make the Corona Multi Shader distribute the color following a mask? Or is the Shader Effector the way to go? I simply used colors for this, no material, not sure how to keep going with this method. I also noticed the rendering time increases drastically with Mograph Color Shader.

Corona Multi Shader:

Shader Effector using Noise with Red and Green color (Mograph Color Shader)

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2021-11-15, 10:38:47
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I think that using an effector is the simplest way to tackle this.

My second idea would be to stack two materials on top of the cloned object and use an opacity channel in the top-most material, for example with distance shader from some invisible objects scattered in your scene.

I am attaching a screenshot of my second idea with a scene file

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2021-11-15, 18:18:44
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Thank you Jan!

That is really smart.

Bare in mind I am just trying to learn here, so hopefully you don't mind me asking how would you go about doing method one too? I was trying with effectors but got kinda stuck :(