Author Topic: HDRI Won't show on viewport  (Read 523 times)

2021-10-11, 15:45:43


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Hello all,

First of all it could be my faulty for missing something, I checked the sky settings, changed viewport resolution, viewport filters and option and no go. :/

Not sure if its a bug or something I'm missing

Mac m1, corona 7 hotfix 2

2021-10-11, 15:53:12
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this is a known limitation of the newer C4D versions with Corona.
While we know about this for a longer period of time, we have still identified this lower priority than other tasks.

A workaround to this would be to add an hdri to a Corona Light material and attach that to the Corona Sky Object. That way, with some tweaking of mapping, you'll be able to see the hdri.

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2021-12-22, 09:18:03
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here i made a small setup for this:

just place the hdri you want in the corona sky object,
it will auto load the same in the c4d sky object and show it in the editor, hope this helps:)

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