Author Topic: Not rendering in Frame buffer! Only in interactive  (Read 337 times)

2021-08-11, 15:50:35

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File was rendering normally. Don't know what happened, it's now computing second GI and then jumps immediately into denoising without giving any result! But rendering normally in interactive mode.

Any idea what can be the problem?


2021-08-11, 16:18:13
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Petros Proestos

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    • Petros Proestos
You can wait for other answers but a quick solution that once happened also
to me was to delete everything was inside:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\20XX - 64bit\ENU   

Keep in mind that this will reset your 3ds max interface to default.
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2021-08-11, 17:58:30
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2021-08-12, 13:54:39
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Check if you have Region render active. Remove all regions, then see if it helps. Sometimes it happened for me after IR in VFB, region somehow went out of visible area if I used 2d Pan Zoom in rendered viewport during IR
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