Author Topic: Custom Tone Mapping Render Element  (Read 928 times)

2021-08-02, 14:45:31


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Hi guys, might like how we can have custom tone mapping per camera, it would be great to have the option to save out multiple versions of tone mapping for one camera.

Ideally everything would look perfect in the render but sometimes artists need to save out a version with slightly brighter/darker exposure or highlight compression etc.

I would love to be able to assign different exposures to render elements so that I don't need to go back and re-load my beauty in the Corona Image Editor to make tweaks.
Perhaps a "Tone Mapping" section could be added to the beauty element.


2021-08-03, 10:35:50
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    • jms.lwly studio

I can imagine it as a variation of the Beauty Pass (where you can have it including bloom or glare) - and have an input box for the Tone Mapping settings.
In theory it would nice to use a similar sort of function to automatically output images with different LightMix settings, as an alternative to manually save them out or using CIE at a later point to create different lighting options.

2021-08-03, 16:02:07
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Thank you for the suggestions, we definitely understand them and why they are wanted. This is on our todo, but no specific timeframe yet.