Author Topic: Project Asset Inspector  (Read 487 times)

2021-07-27, 12:46:57

Daniel Mikolajčák

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2021-07-27, 14:44:55
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we have made some improvements already to how we handle relative paths and we will continue bringing improvements, one step at a time :)

Right now, what you are pointing at, is that globalizing or localizing filenames does not actually change the path in Corona Bitmap, and therefore it returns to previous state after some period. We'll look into that.

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2021-07-27, 20:28:44
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Hi guys this bug is still present in RC3

Hi, I also suffer from problems with corona bitmap and unfortunately this is one of them... I found a solution to this problem (it is strange), you need to drop the textures into the root folder of the c4d, and then the Project Asset Inspector finds all the textures and they are not lost.