Author Topic: Team render SERVER problem  (Read 546 times)

2021-05-26, 15:47:53


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Hi all,

I have searched the forum and found some topic about team render but none aboute team render server...

I'm working with C4D R21 and corona 6 hotfix 1 and I have 3 net render client (C4D R21 + Corona 6 hotfix 1) and 1 net render server (C4D R21 + Corona 6 hotfix 1)

I have a simple scene rendering fine with Corona VFB. I then try tor render using "Team render to picture Viewer"... everything works fine..

I then try to render with net render server (using "Save Marked takes with asset" to create a job on the net render server)... the render looks very dark and dull..

Here is an example first rendered with VFB second with Team render server

Thanks in advance for your help.

2021-05-26, 16:49:59
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I exclusively use the TR server and have never run into this - but I never use Takes, so can't comment on those. Instead I just use "Save Scene with Assets" and save it into the admin folder to create the job. Does that approach make any difference for you (which could point the finger at some problem in how Corona interacts with Takes and TR)?

2021-05-26, 20:27:59
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Could this be an old bug about the Corona Camera settings not being sent to the render farm? I remember I had to copy the camera tag settings to the camera area in the render settings for Corona. Since you are using Corona 6 Hotfix 1, this might not have been fixed. Why not at least use Hotfix 2 since it's an official, stable release with fixes?

You might as well try the latest daily build and see if you have the problem. Couldn't hurt. You can always go back.

2021-07-12, 11:09:55
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I only had this problem when using the "Photographic Exposure" feature in combination with a corona camera tag. That only worked when you manually copy the settings (iso, exposure, shutter speed, etc) from the camera tag to the main corona render settings.