Author Topic: Hair question: Vary color from root to tip?  (Read 534 times)

2021-05-21, 03:12:43


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Hi Gang,

I have a question about the Corona Hair Shader.   (see attached screencap below)  I'm trying to figure out how to vary the color shade along the hair shaft,  from Root to Tip.   Specifically,  I want to go from dark blond at the roots... all the way to a much lighter blond as you move towards the tips.    As I've got it now,  the Corona hair shader colors the hair uniformly from root to tip,   with no variation in shade.

Do you have a "recipe" for achieving my desired effect?    Would it involve either the Tint color or the Transmission color?   Would it involve bringing in the C4D Gradient shader somewhere?    All tips welcome.
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2021-05-21, 11:36:55
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Hi, currently, "per hair" texturing is not supported. The hair object is treated as one object and the gradient is distributed over the entire object as shown below. We do plan to add spline rendering support in a future release that should allow for better hair dyeing and tinting etc.